Canadian players have online gambling options

November 25, 2016 3:01 AM

Canadian players have options when it comes to gambling onlineOnline Casinos in Canada

Canadian players have access to thousands – that’s no exaggeration – of online casinos, giving you a true pick of the litter. The pure number of options alone is an exciting prospect, but there are certain things you should be aware of about gambling online before you dive in. Thanks to expert review sites and independent player reviews, you can find operators you can be confident will keep your personal information and finances secure. And with the information to follow, you can conquer the incredible winning potential the Internet has in store, armed with the knowledge of a true online casino expert.

Overview On Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling in Canada is a little shaky if you are not well versed in the law, like an attorney who specializes in gambling. For one thing, the specific province dictates gambling laws, and because of this, the exact specifications of the laws will depend on where exactly you are located in the country. As it stands, the only thing that the law affects is the online casino operators located within the Canadian borders. For the players, there doesn’t seem to be a thing to worry about, at least not from law enforcement. There is a chance that legislation will come along that will result in players being punished for gambling online, but whether or not it is enforceable will be another matter, and, as aforementioned, it is not in the cards (no pun intended) at this point in time.

Choosing a Casino

What you do have to worry about, on the other hand, is choosing the right casino. You may be safe to deposit money, bet on your favourite games, and withdraw the winnings to line your pockets, but there are many online casinos that are not reputable, and others that are straight up scams. Bad online casinos seem to come in three forms. They can be a total façade to get your personal information, with no gameplay at all. They can also have rigged games, where you will lose your money if you play them, guaranteed. They can also have fair games, but throw innumerable hoops at you to jump through in order to get your winnings.

Luckily, there are hundreds of reputable, safe, and secure online casinos with strict oversights, regulations, and regular independent audits that ensure total fairness. Look for the seals at the bottom of the homepage, check out their about section, and be sure to look through expert and player review sites to make sure they have a stellar reputation for security and paying out your winnings.

Before you start playing it is a wise idea to look for an online casino portal, specially made for Canada. A well-known site is where you can find player reviews on casinos and special promotions. Beside this one there are many, many more on the internet.

Betting Options

If you think there are a lot of games when you walk into a brick-and-mortar casino, wait until you get a load of the betting options in the best online casinos. Thousands of Slots variations, tons and tons of Video Poker variations, all the classics in all their forms, like Blackjack variations, every type of Roulette, Craps, Keno, and even virtual scratch cards. The list truly goes on and on.

Online betting options aren’t limited to strictly casino games either, and by casino games, we mean games where the player plays against the casino, not against other players. You can play against other players in Poker Rooms, where you can compete in quick games and full on tournaments with people from around the world. You can also take advantage of a sportsbook, which is a virtual bookmaker that lets you bet on pretty much any sport, as well as on horses and motor races.

Payment Methods

You don’t need to hit an ATM or deal with those ridiculously massive surcharges like you do at land-based casinos. You might have to pay some very low foreign transaction fees, but otherwise, the payment methods at online casinos are more convenient than ever. You can pay with your MasterCard or Visa debit, credit, or gift card, use ewallet services like Skrill or Neteller, and some casinos even accept Bitcoin now. These payment methods can apply to both deposits and withdrawals, though some casinos require you to do a direct bank deposit or receive a check by mail. Going with a preferred and trusted payment option adds an excellent level of player comfort, and many players choose a casino with that in mind.

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