New trend making news in travel: Hourly rates

New trend making news in travel: Hourly rates

January 10, 2017 3:00 AM

2017 is here and some new travel concepts are making news.

Among them is a new push by hotels to rent rooms by the hour. All hotels are expensive propositions to operate so operators are always looking for ways to help the bottom line. These so-called “day rooms” are rented by the hour and can give weary travelers a chance to clean up, nap or work, say the founders of

They say if you’re going on a cruise or to a distant city for a business meeting, for instance, and you need a place to relax and clean up before boarding the ship or getting together for that meeting, you simply rent a room for a few hours. You can quickly be rested and ready for what awaits!

Other entities offering to help you find “day rooms” are and

Gambling meccas Las Vegas and Atlantic City often offer room for short periods and at no charge to high rollers. I recall a friend getting us access to a suite at Park Place in Atlantic City in the 1980’s. We were on a day junket by plane from Buffalo and having a place to rest and catch your breath was a terrific perk. Now, if you are willing to pay the hourly rate, you can get a room as well.

Another new concept that’s caught my attention is a lodging brand called Jo&Joe. The concept, which AccorHotels, the French multi-national hotel group, says they will introduce this year, will have accommodations with common areas and rooms designed with various concepts in mind (as described in the Los Angeles Times):

• Playgrounds – bars, restaurants and other social activities;

• Happy House – kitchen and hangout area;

• Lovebirds – couples wanting priv acy;

• Solo-socials – for those looking for experiential travel;

• Townsters – for locals who live nearby and want to hangout;

• Tribes – for families and friends travelling as a group.

The rooms, themselves, can be configured based on how you might fit into the categories just mentioned. All the furniture will be on wheels and you can get them to roll in whatever kinds of sofas and chairs you like.

You may have figured out this is another idea that targets younger adults or what the Los Angeles Times calls the millennial-minded.

According to the Jo&Joe website they have “embraced a liberated and rebellious approach from the outset, to deliver new emotions for its guests. JO&JOE co-created its design with global architecture and design studio PENSON, which is famous for creating intelligent and culturally enhancing schemes for the world’s most visionary brands.”

The website says, (the PENSON philosophy) “Is that a well-designed space is the secret to a happy and satisfying life – life is too short to spend time in sad or inefficient surroundings.”

All of us have been compromised by “sad or inefficient surroundings,” have we not? If all the news about “eGaming” being a potentially billion dollar business hasn’t convinced you the millennial takeover of life as we know it is well underway, the Jo&Joe website will.

When traveling, I thought I was happy with a decent bed, clean sheets, and hot water. After trying to understand the Jo&Joe concept, I realize I was being foolish. If I was miserable, but never knew it, was I really miserable?

As I write this in my “inefficient surroundings” I realize I will have to think about that a little longer.