Nearly every week a new casino resort opens

Nearly every week a new casino resort opens

February 14, 2017 3:11 AM

Nearly every week a new casino/resort opens.

At least it seems that way.

Within the last seven months, the Wynn Palace and the Parisian Macao casino/resorts sprung open their doors in Macau. Here in the United States, we’ve seen numerous casino/resort openings from coast-to-coast, especially in the east where the gambling market has exploded.

In reading about these new properties in this country, including MGM’s National Harbor near Washington, D.C. and the new properties in Upstate New York, the press material usually mentions the new casino/resort is “Las Vegas-style.”

Just what does Las Vegas-style actually mean? To find out I consulted the Urban Dictionary, an invaluable and often hilarious resource that attempts to provide explanations for words and phrases too new or too blue for Mr. Webster’s conventional tome. Founded in 1999, the Urban Dictionary ( is largely comprised of slang words and phrases as a parody of Sadly, there was no definition for Las Vegas-style, but because the website is crowd sourced, I’ll be able to add a definition later.

If you want to have a chuckle be sure and look up “eSports” in the Urban Dictionary.

Because GamingToday butters my bread, so to speak, I thought I would attempt to define Las Vegas-style right here. In mulling over how to do this, it has proven to be a much tougher task than I imagined.

For a new casino/resort to be Las Vegas-style it has to be big and well lit, inside and out. It has to provide impeccable service. It has to provide human interaction in the areas of room, food and beverage as well as in the casino part of the equation. Checking in and out by computer doesn’t work for everybody. I, for one, dislike talking to a machine. Although it’s a fact of life these days, I find it insulting.

All executives in the resort and casino sections of the new Las Vegas-style venues must be in a coat and tie and the women executives in equivalent attire. The rest of the employees must be wearing uniform attire and name badges that show the customers they are working.

There has to be extensive security so customers feel safe. There has to be easy access and egress so patrons can get in and out as conveniently as possible. There has to plenty of safe, covered parking. Those “compact cars only” spaces have to minimal.

Las Vegas-style used to mean free parking, do-it-yourself or valet. Sorry to see that amenity disappearing at many properties on the Strip.

A Las Vegas-style casino/resort needs visionary leadership. Top executives need to put their name and face on the property in the manner of Las Vegas leaders past and present like Jackie and Michael Gaughan, Benny and Jack Binion, Sam and Bill Boyd, Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson and Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta among others. Even if the new casino is part of a big corporation, the CEO should be well known in the manner of Jim Murren at MGM Resorts International. Las Vegas-style means a casino/resort in which the customer knows who is running things.

Hotel rooms have to be of the latest design with all the latest features and Las Vegas-style means updating the rooms every few years, as well. The entire casino floor must be carpeted, too. Las Vegas-style means a wide variety of eating options from hot dogs to the high-end celebrity chef-type offerings.

Players have to be rewarded for their loyalty in a meaningful way that isn’t too difficult to achieve through gambling losses. Machine and casino games must give the players a reasonable chance to win.

There is a lot more to Las Vegas-style than, perhaps, many of these new casino/resorts had considered. It’s easy to throw the term around and it’s highly flattering.

Living up to the standards set in Las Vegas may not be as easy as aspiring to those goals on a company press release. In the increasingly crowded gaming market in the east, those that achieve “Las Vegas-style” standards the best will be the winners; those that don’t will be in financial trouble rather quickly.