Maj. Gen. Elwelu wants Uganda to curb gambling

Maj. Gen. Elwelu wants Uganda to curb gambling

April 18, 2017 3:00 AM

In the African nation of Uganda, a military leader is asking for further regulation of the country’s gambling industry, reports the website

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Commander of Land Forces, Major General Peter Elwelu, has asked government to further regulate the gambling industry, saying betting poses a serious threat to national security.

Elwelu told journalists there is a lot of criminality across the country because unemployed youth “rob or steal” from others in order to survive.

Uganda’s gambling industry offers casino games, sports betting and gaming machines.

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) agreed with Elwelu’s concern but said hefty taxation would help regulate gambling rather than abolishing it completely.

Elwelu said introducing gambling to the poor has made many youth poorer and a liability to the nation. He said the government should revisit its approach of tackling poverty among citizens, further urging local leaders to champion government programs aimed at mitigating poverty.

“A poor person is very dangerous. He can do anything to survive. We need to support projects such as Operation Wealth Creation and others that focus on the socio-economic development of this country,” Elwelu added.