Ex-LV mayor Jones a hit in Spain

Ex-LV mayor Jones a hit in Spain

July 11, 2017 3:00 AM

Jan Jones, former Las Vegas mayor and now a key Caesars Entertainment Group executive, was a featured speaker at the recently concluded World Gaming Executive Summit 2017 in Barcelona Spain.

Speaking on the topic of corporate social responsibility, Jones called the gambling industry “a worldwide powerhouse” that “creates more jobs and innovations than many other industries

“The gaming industry has a valuable story to tell, we just don’t know how to tell the story,” she said.

Jones, Caesars executive vice president, public policy & corporate responsibility, said corporate social responsibility remains a crucial element at Caesars. “We don’t just do it, we talk about it – we make it clear its part of the core business,” she said. She stressed that the industry is different from most others because it requires a government license to operate.

According to Jones, employees want to know how you’re using your resources and then you become an employer of choice. Investors also need to know the story and Jones stressed that could influence decisions on where they put their dollars,

Jones advises gambling company executives to develop a well-funded corporate social responsibility program, make sure it is well thought out and driven by the CEO. This is the way to change the perception of the industry, she said.