Play online progressive slots for best returns

August 09, 2017 10:41 AM

All bettors dream of winning a large jackpot that makes them instantly rich and completely changes their lives for the better.

Unfortunately, that dream goes unfulfilled for too many people. Yet, there is a great way to risk a small amount of money on a chance to become an instant millionaire -- progressive jackpot slots.

While one-armed bandits have a reputation for taking bettor's money, in fact, they are among the top producers of life-changing gambling wins. Here's why.

An online progressive slots jackpot starts at a base amount and then grows gradually as people lay wagers and lose. The jackpot grows by taking a portion of every losing bet and applying it to the progressive jackpot.

Usually, casinos will have several slots machines connected at one or more properties to give more people a chance to win the big prize.

Some of the most popular online progressive jackpots start at $1 million, and grow from there. By the time someone wins it, the jackpot usually is worth several million dollars. Even after paying taxes, that makes an instant millionaire of the lucky winner.

Progressive jackpots are among the most popular slots on casino floors in Las Vegas and other popular gambling destinations. But land-based casinos have space restrictions that make it difficult to connect more than a couple of machines at each location.

Online casinos do not have the same space restrictions that land-based casinos have. That makes it a lot easier to link together a nearly limitless number of progressive slots to drive up the jackpot faster.

It's also a lot easier for progressive jackpots to grow while playing online, because more people can access the games and play.

Unlike a land-based casino, there always is an open spot at an online progressive jackpot. That's because online casinos can link together a virtually limitless number of video slots. The only space restrictions an online casino has is its server capacity.

With so many people able to play online progressive slots, bettors win more jackpots every year. The jackpots that people win, the more chances yet more people have to try to become an instant millionaire. 

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