Why playing at an online casino is better than a physical one

August 10, 2017 9:07 AM

It seems like yesterday when the first online casino flashed on our desktops in the year 1996. They are now the most threatening counterparts of their forefathers - the land-based casinos. Irrespective of a player being a casual punter, an aspiring professional or a seasoned bettor, these digital gaming dens have impacted the habits and betting behaviours of all of them.

It is not a secret that the popularity of online casinos is built upon the rapid advancement of technology. There is also the undeniable comfort of playing a game from the comfort of your home while wearing your PJs and not worrying about the dress code of a land-based casino.

This is because everything you need at that moment is just a tap away. Also, if you want you can stay anonymous while tapping away your lucky numbers.

The biggest bounty offered by online casinos is that they give you free money to start off as a new member player. The charm of complimentary betting money upon creating an account is a massive one for punters starting out in the digital betting spheres. For instance, the online casino at Winningroom offers you up to 200 pounds in deposit bonus as well as 150 free spins.

Nonetheless, there still are stipulations. Usually, an online casino would set a bar on a minimum number of hands to be played before the funds can be withdrawn. However, once you become a regular on a particular digital casino you get free bet money via promotional codes and discount coupons.

The fundamental rules of both an online casino and the physical one are the same. However, in some digital casinos you would be playing against an automatic computer program. Also, in some more digitally advanced casinos you could encounter a dual against a live dealer through a video stream at a table with other players or in a heads up manner.

Such online environments are fantastic for poker players as it gives them a splendid opportunity to maximise their winnings. More elaborately, in live poker a punter is restricted to one hand at a time while an online poker player can play as many as 24 tables at any given time. It will also increase the hourly win ratio of the player by a factor of 24 as even a seasoned punter only plays about 20% of the dealt hands. More specifically, even a 1-2 no limit player having a win rate of 3 pounds an hour can make up to £72.

There are several statistical tools that a punter can use to calculate winning probabilities besides seeing the hand history of your digital opponent. It converts an online game of poker into a match of predictive analytics rather than a test of skill.


The objective of a majority of the punters who visit land-based casinos is to socialise, have fun and make some money in the process. The environment enables them to play in a real place where they can hear the sounds of the slot machines and the cheers of celebrations, as well as the frustration of those who aren’t successful.

The glittering neon lights and scantily clad waitresses are all around. The flashy ambience screams excess and punters are more likely to wager more than their budget, especially if they are alone and are also enjoying the free casino drinks.

Another downside of land based casinos is their location. When the nearest one is located dozens of miles away) or worse in another city) a hardcore punter would still need to take into account the transportation expense and not the mention the long, arduous drive.

Lastly, in brick and mortar casinos a punter is up against a real life dealer and is playing alongside other players. Therefore, his or her focus can often be interrupted by elements such as sprinting waitresses, onlookers and losing players. 

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