Any Winehouse sadly joins the 'The 27 Club'

August 02, 2011 2:00 AM

This week in GamingToday I would like to address the sudden passing of Amy Winehouse. This wonderful talent who died at the age of 27, left an estate of over $20 million and growing.

Her music is back on the charts and she will now find a whole new audience with her passing. She died by way of "The 27 Club," which also claimed a friend and an occasional performer in my band, Jimi Hendrix. (Oh, yes, he would sit in.)

Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin are the other stars in this infamous club, one I easily could have become a member of. Monti Rock III aka Disco Tex was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 30 years.

What the reader must understand is my handlers, managers, agents were enablers who were able to supply me with drugs, alcohol and sex. I only survived thanks to the help of my partner and some good friends. I may have lost all my millions, but I have gained a great life.

May you rest in peace Amy Winehouse. Why couldn’t anyone help you?

In other news, things are jumping at the Hilton. Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack is scheduled to open there this Thursday for a week and then it’s on to a summer tour. The show will then run on Tuesdays only (two shows per night) in the Shimmer Room. Because of an ongoing dispute with the musicians union, it’s not known whether the show music will be live or taped. For more info on dates and times, please contact the Hilton.

Steve Wyrick’s magic show will be opening this Friday in the main room. This is a really high-tech show and not easy to set up. The glitches in getting ready for the opening have now been repaired, and you will soon be able to thoroughly enjoy this incredible show. Welcome back, Steve!

All week we have been talking about survivors of the industry. Who would believe Jubilee, arguably the best of the showgirl shows, is celebrating its 30th year? It is still a masterpiece. Another masterpiece is Don Arden himself, who created something that holds up as vintage Vegas.

We should also keep up with what is happening downtown with a variety of exciting venues, including Beauty Bar, Four Queens, home of the new An Evening With La Cage, and the newly refurbished El Cortez hotel, which is a visual retrospective masterpiece. It’s like going back in time to a style and elegance we often miss in this town.

Meanwhile, the reality TV show Las Vegas Gigolos is coming to prime time. They have been shooting all over the city for a week with five or eight gents charging up to $5,000. If we believe these numbers, then they must think we’re dumber than dirt.

I have been trying all week to come up with why I like Happily Divorced with Fran Drescher of The Nanny fame. Way before she became a star, Fran and I did a movie called Saturday Night Fever. We all know she is a cancer survivor and just found out a couple of years ago that her husband is gay. And now they move from this "mishagas" to a new sitcom called Happily Divorced.

As for your columnist, Monti Rock III is working on a TV series called Seniors, where I play a gay hit man. How’s that for casting? What orchard was this casting born in? I’ve always tried to be optimistic.

One of the truly fine experiences this week was watching 10-year-old boy genius, Ethan Bortnick – a true prodigy – doing what a prodigy does, amazing us, surprising us, and of course, entertaining us. I wanted to give young Mr. Bortnick the benefit of the doubt because he’s 10 and thus I could be patronizing. From the moment he walked on stage, that scenario was flushed. He is brilliant!

All the Borders stores are closing. This is where I used to go to read all my favorite books and magazines. The Internet, with all its good features, is also the cause of many business closings. Why go out in the summer heat and burn valuable and costly fuel when you can sit in the comfort of your home, tap the keyboard, iPad, iPhone, etc. for a myriad of reading material and entertainment in the palm of your hand?

It was a déjà vu moment seeing 85-year-old Tony Bennett at the Palms, hanging out backstage reminiscing with Mimi Hines about Sophie Tucker and the good ol’ days of Vegas. But the biggest surprise was watching Englebert Humperdinck put on a smooth, well-paced and joyful performance. What a pro.

Englebert is a man who is comfortable on stage and knows how to incorporate all that he has into a stunning experience. Vegas-The Show! is celebrating its first anniversary this Thursday with a special show and party at the David Saxe Theater.

This lively, fast paced, and extremely entertaining show is produced by the amazing David Saxe, one of the busiest men in Las Vegas. For more information please contact Shelley Bruner, director of public relations at 702-278-1389.

The Channel 3-Sue Manteris lawsuit is far from over. There is reportedly a question as to whether the case will go to federal court or to arbitration. As you may know, Ms. Manteris’s contract was not renewed after 22 years at the station.

Accusations of race, age and gender discrimination have been going back and forth since May. Station owner Jim Rogers allegedly has quite a temper, which he often shows at staff meetings. Bottom line is Manteris is one of our best news anchors and leaves a deep hole in the local news scene. Sue, we need you back on TV news!

Great female impersonator David de Albar will be appearing at the Onyx Theater, doing several performances in August and September. This is not your usual "drag" show because David does all his characters live. No lip-synching. He has an amazing voice and really becomes the characters he’s impersonating. Contact the Onyx Theater, 950 E. Sahara Ave. at 702-732-7225 for more information.

Wes Winters has had his contract at South Point extended. Winters moves to Friday and Saturday nights from 6-9 p.m. Wes is supported by his nine-foot mirrored grand piano. Dancers are welcome as there are two spacious dance floors for those who like to boogie.

As you know by now, the Rev. Monti wishes you all a great week.