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Immortal Michael Jackson worthy of Las Vegas show

December 06, 2011 3:02 AM by Monti Rock III

This week in Vegas, Michael Jackson is alive and well at Mandalay Bay. The Immortal Show and the whole Michael Jackson clan (Tito, Jackie,and Marlon) bring this spectacle to light.

They were on the XFactor last week and led a tribute to Michael. Can we call this overkill? Mandalay Bay, which is offering this extravaganza with a star-studded red carpet, brought out the stars but where are the stars really?

I thought I was the only real star here in Vegas.

I think we have enough "Cirque" for the moment. When I first arrived in Las Vegas, I saw O five times and Mystere five times. Zumanity opened and I got in trouble because of my yada, yada, yada.

The MGM has KA but then I fell in love with Aria’s Viva Elvis, which hasn’t fared too well. Sometimes we have too much of a good thing. It repeats itself. We understand how clever it may seem but repetition is not necessarily interesting to the average viewer.

We rely on the fact that the audience is always new in order for the repetitiveness to work. Case in point, Love and the Beatles show had the catalog, the Elvis show has the Elvis catalog and Michael Jackson’s will have all that great music.

I think we are at the saturation point as to the effectiveness of Cirque’s impact on us. Cirque Week 2011 is offering enthusiasts and Mirage guests a meet and greet event along with a special two show ticket package. For tickets and information please visit www.cirquedusoleilcom/cirqueweek.

Being an entertainment columnist who toured as Disco Tex and the Sexolettes Review for years, I was the first minstrel/vaudeville artist. I knew when that whole schtick got tired and the time to hang it up. We may be reaching an end to all the great bodies and water antics.

In other news, Dr. Conrad Murray got four years in the death of Michael Jackson. Michael lived a very isolated life. Where was his family to help him overcome his drug problem?

Michael was just one of the stars that had the same problem. We all had our "Dr. Feelgood" as well as vitamin shops full of enzymes and speed to keep us performing during interviews, etc.

I was supporting all those enablers and parasites, which is both expensive and ultimately not contributing to personal growth. With the help of my partners, my family and an intervention, I have been drug-free and sober for 18 years.

I know what I am talking about. I could have also been a statistic and you would be reading about this icon rather than my telling you myself. For this I am thankful.

Grammy nominations were announced during a concert in Los Angeles last week. Kanye West and Adele garnered the most votes along with Bruno Mars. The 54th annual Grammy Awards show will be held in Los Angeles on Feb. 12. Categories were reduced from 109 to 78, to make the show move more quickly.

Speaking of Adele, we all wish her a quick and full recovery from her vocal cord surgery. This girl is one of the "greats."

Janet Jackson was in town and her concert was a tribute to her No. 1 hits. She was in rare form and looked terrific. The dancing was awesome and music energetic – like none other.

Janet and Michael got the dancing gene and with the help of inventive choreography, this concert was a joy to see and hear. I was impressed by the soldout crowd’s affection for her and it was obvious she brought her special brand to the Colosseum.

I’m not one to complain about folks making money, but the program cost $30! I was longing for the days of the mimeograph machine. Overall though, it was an unbelievable evening.

Over at Flamingo there was a red-carpet event for America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm. He’s described as a Mississippi boy with a bunch of Top 10 records on a new CD. He opened the recent "Talent" show at the Colosseum. His new show is available and you can get tickets by calling (702) 733-3333.

At the Thomas and Mack was NFR (National Finals Rodeo) with country stars coming out of my ears. It was a great week for the LV economy. Yahoo!! You sometimes forget how many folks like those bucking broncs. Thanks and keep on coming.

World Aids Day on Dec. 1 brought us several events including a benefit show at Tropicana’s Club Nikki. AFAN does a great job working with Nevada HIV/Aids patients. They are constantly running events to help educate us in the prevention of this horrible disease.

I am saddened that Barry Manilow, the consummate superstar, is ending his time with us in Vegas. Seeing his fans and how they relate to him, you know that he is a fantastic draw and we will miss him.

Manilow’s fans are a lot like those of Elvis – you love or you don’t. Those who do, really, really love him. Those glow sticks at the concerts are a true testament of this affection as they light the concert hall and the music lights up their souls. There’s always a stage for you somewhere here in Vegas, Barry.

Best wishes from yours truly, the Rev. Monti, as you prepare for the holidays. Keep kindness in your heart and find a way to share your bounty with others.


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