Rocky Mountain high turns out to be glitch

Mar 30, 2010 4:24 PM

A Colorado woman, who thought she won a $42 million slot jackpot, found her celebration premature after the Central City casino said the machine "malfunctioned" and she would receive virtually nothing.

Louise Chavez was playing at the Fortune Valley Casino when the incident occurred.

"I put my money in there," she told ABC’s Good Morning America show, "Whatever I won, I should get … There are dreams and there are things I’d like to do – helping my family, helping my kids. That’s why I’m disappointed. I just don’t know."

After the casino denied to pay her the jackpot, officials said the machine malfunctioned. Chavez said the casino only offered to give her a few free meals, a room for the night, and about $20 or so, the amount she invested in the slot machine.

Chavez was playing a WMS machine at the time. The payout she was expecting was $42,949,673.

Phone calls to Illinois based WMS Industries were not returned to ABC News.

The Colorado casino said they’ve never had a malfunction like the one that allegedly occurred with Chavez.

"We’ve been open for 15 years at Fortune Valley and this is the first time we’ve had something of this magnitude," said casino communications director Joe Behm.

Colorado regulators said they are investigating the incident.

"It’s unfortunate when it happens," said Colorado Division of Gaming spokesman Don Burmania. "We don’t like it to happen, the casinos don’t like it to happen and in this case, the patron didn’t like it, either."

Not very comforting comments, especially for the player who ends up with nothing.