Upgrading a winner, time to tweak Back In the Saddle

Nov 29, 2011 3:00 AM

Time to tweak Back In the Saddle into the column my loyal readership expects to enjoy each week.

By that I mean bringing my talented daughter Oklahoma Sarah into the mix both as an elite poker player and writer. Together we will give you our honest thoughts and experiences for what we think will be relevant to what folks want to see.

I have mentioned in conversations with GT publisher Eileen Di Rocco our intention to continue our relationship with the oldest gaming newspaper in the world.

I will continue to write about the old days of poker, upcoming events and tournaments. Sarah will bring in her own views in the weeks I step back from the keyboard.

There will also be articles when we collaborate on columns. So readers will get a dose of me, Sarah and both. Sounds like a winning formula to us and we hope you enjoy the new format.

Sarah was the first woman to win a poker tournament at the Wynn poker room in Las Vegas. In 2007, she won first place in my 80th birthday poker party at the Venetian.

She truly was born to play poker, with me and wife Carol spending so much of our lives playing and promoting the sport long before the days of Internet.

Sarah has played in the main event of the World Series of Poker. No victories, but she lasted long after many ladies busted out.

She also knows the business and promotional side of poker, having graduated with honors from UNLV and done some professional modeling. She will be returning to UNLV to attain a masters degree in hotel and gaming management.

Sarah has hosted her own poker tournament at the Horseshoe in Tunica, Miss., and was the hostess of "The Seniors" cruise on "The Freedom of the Seas!"

When I hosted "The Oklahoma Johnny Hale Poker Open" at the Cherokee in Tulsa, Okla., she defeated the legendary Amarillo Slim in a head-up contest winning 2-0 in a best of three format.

I remember her telling Slim, "I know you said you would cut your own throat if a lady won the championship of the WSOP, but I will let you live, take your money home and count it there!"

As for what she plans to write in her columns, I’ll let her explain:

"I’ll report to you folks about the best places to go in Vegas for poker tournaments and all the ‘in’ places where you can have fun with all the young whippersnappers. I will reveal some of Dad’s poker secrets and how Mom can get Dad to fight a tiger or save a kitty!

Our Poker Tip of the Week;

Do not try to win all the money in one day! When you are winner – quit and go home, and count the money there! They will deal again tomorrow!!