I love my wife, but Mississippi won out

Dec 13, 2011 3:00 AM

In my lifetime of playing poker, I was on the Mississippi River boats. Several years ago one of my good buddies Jack "Treetop" Straus invited me to help him develop a gambling movie.

It wasn’t the boats built the last few years to follow the rules of current laws, but one of the old time boats that floated from up North to New Orleans while the gamblers played for the cotton plantations.

I want to tell you about playing with Chris Moneymaker down on the Mississippi River after he won that first million at the World Series of Poker!

I don’t like going away without my wife Carol, but I went to the southern home of "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker at the Grand Hotel in Tunica, Miss., to help out with the Riverboat Poker TV show on the big muddy.

This all happened a few years ago when I was invited by our friend Dale Carden, a member in good standing with "The Seniors" WCOP/Poker Players Hall of Fame. At that time, Carden was the card room manager of the grand poker room on the Mississippi.

Dale, invited me to be his guest and asked if the old man could play with the young guru of poker, Moneymaker. The food was good as were the poker games. Dale also arranged a nice fishing trip on the side.

I had planned to play my "A" game to be able to beat the young whippersnapper. Dale told me the game would be for charity, so I had hoped to win a little money for The Seniors’ charities.

It would be no limit Texas hold’em. I have played that game a few times before. I did try my best to teach the youngster a little bit about poker and the playing of it. I did know it was best not to brag and wait until winning before crowing too much. Otherwise, I may have eaten some of it!

I know that Chris did not win all that money just by being lucky.

Daddy told me not to play with a man named Lucky or anyone called Doc, but he forgot to tell me what to do with a man with money as a part of his name.

I wonder if Chris’ dad ever told him not to play poker with a player with a state named after him?

I decided to just introduce myself as OK-J and not even mention that some folks, when I play poker, call me Oklahoma Johnny.

But you know that did not work because his dad said Chris was looking forward to the chance to beat the oldest living player who ever won the best all around award for being the best in the WSOP way back in 1980.

I know you folks expect me to use my license to tell a tall tale since I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, but I will just say that Chris played a little better and won the contest.

It was fun and the money went to charity, but I want a rematch like LSU gave to Alabama.

Next week, I’ll be joining my daughter Sarah for a discussion of how to pick a lucky seat. Until next time remember to stay lucky.

OKJ Tip of the Week

When you play poker it is always best to pick a seat that is lucky. Seat selection is very important. Good poker players just seem to know where the lucky seats are located!

Now, over the years of playing I have learned how to pick a lucky seat!

Sometimes it seems there is a lucky end of the table and all the money is piled up on one end.

The first of you folks who e-mail me at [email protected] and correctly tell me how you think I always know where the lucky seat is located will receive a free copy of my book "The Gentleman Gambler."