Shop for NBA first half unders

Feb 3, 2015 3:07 AM

Now that the Super Bowl is over and done with, let’s hone in on the countless opportunities for betting college and pro baskets with sides and totals.

What is it you look for when handicapping totals? I focus on field goal attempts for both teams, among other things. I also look at the average number of times a team gets to the free throw line.

Shooting percentages go up and down but to me one of the constants is “opportunities” to score. Up to this point in the season the Indiana Pacers have been a very good OVER team while the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat have been dead UNDER teams.

I also like betting halftime totals for basketball. Understand that the second half total is shaded a bit high on occasion because of the possibility a game could go overtime and, of course, late in games a team often will foul, which obviously stops the clock and allows more free points to be scored.

My rule of thumb is if I like the UNDER overall for a game I will shop for the best low number for the first half knowing overtime is not an option and a team is not going to ever randomly start fouling, giving up free points.

Conversely, if I like the OVER in a contest I will generally hammer it for the game for the reasons mentioned earlier.

This is an exciting time of year with so many options to bet every day because of college and pro basketball and NHL hockey.

I am talking about being very selective and finding real value. Until next week, “bet with your head not over it.”

Scott Pritchard does no less than 10 radio shows weekly on Fox News Radio and Sports By Line USA on the Nick Bonsanto Show with "Pritchard's Pick of the Day". Contact him at [email protected].