Hawkeyes at 100-1 would be great to sell on Prop Swap

Dec 1, 2015 3:00 AM

As you may or may not know, Iowa was 100/1 as recently as October, to win the College Football Playoff. Darren Rovell has reported an individual bettor who stands to profit $500,000 off a $5,000 bet. Not bad.

But for that man (or woman) to win, Iowa of course has to beat Michigan State, then two more national title contenders (probably from the likes of Alabama, Clemson, and/or Oklahoma). All are teams who would certainly be favorites when facing Iowa.

As of press time on Monday morning, William Hill (same book who had them at 100/1) now puts Iowa’s chances at 12/1.

If you own an Iowa future that was purchased at 12/1 or better, how confident are you that ticket ends up cashing out? If you have any doubt, bring it to PropSwap and we’ll help you find a buyer BEFORE this week’s do-or-die matchup against a Cook-led Spartan team.

Our goal is to help you get paid on a smart pick (Iowa), but before it ends up being worthless, which is exactly what will happen if MSU knocks them off at Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday night.

A cool recent transaction on PropSwap: San Antonio Spurs UNDER Season Win total of 57.5 games. A bettor who took the Under Season Win Total, wagering $1,000, sold his bet for $800. As the Spurs have started out 14-3, his decision to sell may turn out to be the wise one.

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