Olea Kiosks help casinos build loyalty programs, manage comps

Nov 17, 2016 6:16 PM

Olea Kiosks, a Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturer of kiosks for multiple industries, has released the Monte Carlo Gaming Kiosk, its latest self-service solution for the casino industry.

The kiosk is designed to assist with casino loyalty programs, where frequent players can log their visits, table time and wagers, and earn “comps” such as free plays, meals and perks at any casino-affiliated resort.

Historically these programs are managed by staff, but the kiosks provide an ideal complement to the team that administers the program. They allow operators to deploy staff to other service needs, are easily approached and used by patrons, and as is the case with the Monte Carlo, can serve other marketing functions as well.

Featuring two large LCD panels and brilliant, programmable LED attract lighting, the Monte Carlo is designed to help operators build their loyalty programs and make the overall casino experience more fun and efficient for players and resort guests.

Additional uses include:

  • Helping players join the casino’s loyalty program, update their data and check on their next rewards
  • Queue-busting at onsite quick-serve or fast casual dining
  • Self-checkout at resort retail shops
  • Check-in/check-out at the hotel
  • Enabling guests to make reservations at the spa
  • Purchasing tickets for events and shows
  • Tournament sign-ups

The second 22” LCD monitor allows deployers to promote products and services, advertise special prices at food venues, encourage participation in drawings and more. Their compact footprint helps them fit into virtually any floor plan.

“We are fully invested in helping casinos meet the modern challenges facing their business,” said Frank Olea, CEO of Olea Kiosks. “The ability of kiosks to provide great service conveniently, as well as the liberty they provide deployers to move staff to more sensitive roles, are especially critical in environments where competition is high and every customer matters. That describes gaming now perfectly.”