Support for the concept of a downtown Illinois casino

Support for the concept of a downtown Illinois casino

May 29, 2017 8:53 AM

The Black Chamber of Commerce in Springfield, Ill. has voiced its support for the concept of a downtown casino in that downstate Illinois city.

Chamber president and CEO Dominic Watson said last week the group expects to issue a letter of support to Springfield developer Chris Stone, who has been pitching the idea of a casino to state and local elected officials. Wednesday is the final day of the spring legislative session and observers view approval of the proposal as a long shot.

Stone already a participant in the state gaming industry as owner of Lucy’s Place video-gambling parlors. “We know it’s in the early stages, but we think it’s a great idea for Springfield,” Watson said.

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Spokesman Wayne Utterback told the Springfield Review-Journal newspaper, via email, that his organization has not yet taken a position on the casino proposal