Downtown Underground offers a true new experience

Downtown Underground offers a true new experience

May 16, 2017 3:32 AM


With a new generation of young adults entering the Las Vegas scene, many have an aversion to gambling not present in previous generations. One promising answer they seem to prefer is eSports. Enter the Downtown Underground; a fresh and growing establishment with a comfortable and fun atmosphere appealing to many of the younger generation.

Lined with top tier computers, gaming consoles paired with a huge flat screen TV, and a fully stocked bar placed in the center of the gaming extravaganza – the Downtown Underground has an air of comfort and pure fun that many other bars and can’t recreate.

With weekly tournaments and competitions boasting prize pools of up to a thousand dollars for certain events, it’s no wonder many people show up to display their video game skills and compete.

On Fridays they host FIFA competitions and have Madden tournaments on Saturdays, with games being streamed live from The Downtown Underground to Twitch.Tv; a website where viewers can watch game tournaments.

The entry fee even includes a free drink from the bar, which serves a mean Tokyo Tea and has a great drink handcrafted by the bartender called the “Myra special.”

Every third Saturday of the month The Underground hosts a special Retro Night featuring a drinking game called “The Couch” where players sit together on a large sofa racing each other in Mario Kart. Players aren’t allowed to drink and drive so they must either chug their drink or pull over in-game to finish it before continuing the race.

This is streamed live to Twitch as well. Even if you find you are a spectator rather than a player, there is plenty of room to lounge about in comfort to enjoy both the bar and the hype.

We got the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Max Curtis, manager of The Underground. Max told us all about the growth of The Underground and the future renovations and revamping of the lounge that are coming soon. In the upcoming months several renovations are going to be made to the bar to make it one of the most refined and classy eSports lounges in Vegas, attractive to both casual and professional players alike.

From the beautiful and entertaining bartender to the attentive and knowledgeable staff led by a strong willed Curtis, the Downtown Underground is full of likeminded people who contribute to the fun and comfortable atmosphere of one of the hottest eSports lounges in town.

Make sure to visit the Commissary building of the Downtown Grand, located on 3rd street just a block away from Fremont to experience the Underground – a popular eSports hub with its foot in the door of a new Las Vegas gaming scene.