I'm well versed on former Bears' QB Jay Cutler

Aug 8, 2017 3:00 AM

I think I’m well versed on former Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler. When he arrived eight years ago here in Chicago, I said he was the wrong guy for the Bears. Most people here fought me on my declaration, but it proved to be correct.

Now, some of those same people will say he was never surrounded by any real talent, but that claim is also incorrect. Heck, at one time he had tight end Martellus Bennett, running back Matt Forte and wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.

Cutler was good between the 20 yard lines, but he was also a turnover machine! He was looking over rosters just a few days ago getting ready for his TV gig, but suddenly he is ready to quarterback the Miami Dolphins. Granted Cutler had some brief success under Adam Gase when he was the offensive coordinator for the Bears, but don’t look for Cutler to make much of a difference for the Dolphins.

It was Cutler’s sulking and pouty attitude that stopped him from succeeding. Plus no one ever called Cutler a true leader in part because he seemed to lack heart. The Dolphins are getting a QB with a great arm, but they won’t be getting a winner.

Maybe he will click again with Gase and perhaps good things will happen, but I’m glad he is no longer with the Bears. Just remember though, if Cutler didn’t say yes, the Dolphins were looking at Christian Ponder or Tim Tebow.

Wow, let the games begin!