Gambling crackdown is underway in Utah

Gambling crackdown is underway in Utah

September 09, 2017 7:47 AM

A gambling crackdown is underway in Utah where, following an extensive investigation, the Utah Attorney General's Office has filed gambling and money laundering charges against the owners of hundreds of coin-pusher and electronic kiosk machines statewide.

Two Florida men were charged last week with money laundering, a third-degree felony, and two counts of gambling promotion, a class B misdemeanor, reports the Desert News.

The coin-pusher machines, once popular in many gambling jurisdictions and still a fixture onboard most cruise ship casinos, allows players to insert quarters in an attempt to get more quarters, bundles of dollar bills and other prizes to fall into a hopper from moving trays. The state charges that the two men also operated a form of slot machine in which a person pays for a card, puts that card in the slot machine to play, and then gets a receipt at the end that sometimes results in a payout.

The newspaper reports that six month ago about 160 search warrants were served at gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants and other locations that had the games of chance.

The charges say the kiosks were "sweepstakes" games that resembled slot machines.