Las Vegas will be booming again soon

Las Vegas will be booming again soon

October 10, 2017 3:00 AM

The night of Oct. 1, 2017 is now forever etched into the ordinarily glorious and sometimes notorious history of the Las Vegas Strip. With all the high-powered, high-tech guns, could the madman have shot out the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign?

With or without the sign, Las Vegas will be booming again soon. It won’t be quite the same, but the visitors will certainly come to Southern Nevada, as they always have.

There are many heroes that came forward as a result of the carnage. You’ve read and heard about some of these gallant individuals, but there’s an important group of people that must not be overlooked. That group is the staff and management of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

It is requisite that credit be given where credit is due.

I’ve met and spoken with some of the management including the publisher, editor-in-chief and other executives in dealings unrelated to this column. I was most impressed then and am even more impressed now, following what is sure to be award-winning coverage of the Las Vegas Strip massacre.

The R-J came through for its readers and subscribers by delivering a newspaper with all the available facts early Monday morning, despite the event unfolding late Sunday night. All week long the R-J published a special section in each daily edition getting readers up to date on the story.

Each day, including Monday, Oct. 2, my paper is in the driveway at 4:30 a.m. Who could ask for more than that for about $.40 a day?

The shift away from the printed word in daily newspapers is having a cataclysmic affect on today’s world. Now, many get their news in a largely insufficient manner from television, websites and podcasts. However, it just is not the same. Most of the television newscasts, websites unrelated to the newspaper itself, and podcasts poach the news from newspapers that actually have “boots on the ground” covering the happenings in communities all over the country.

I can’t critique the R-J before the late 1980’s. I didn’t live here. However, as the region began to boom at that time, the newspaper was really nothing more than a glorified “shopper,” that is, a newspaper with an abundance of advertising and not a commensurate amount of news coverage. As the previous regimes lost ad revenue to the internet, the paper’s size was reduced and coverage decreased as well.

Now, with the family of Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson as owners, the newspaper has been entrusted to experienced, highly motivated journalists obviously dedicated to providing a newspaper that truly serves the community. Their dedication to quality and community service was certainly proven this past week.

The fact of the matter is a community can only be a true community with a strong newspaper. Having professional journalists backed by a responsible management is just as important as good schools, electricity, clean water and public transportation.