Brazil gaming personnel attend UNLV’s International Gaming Institute

Brazil gaming personnel attend UNLV’s International Gaming Institute

December 26, 2017 3:11 PM


Gaming personnel from Brazil have recently attended UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, where the school’s International Center for Gaming Regulation held a five-day curriculum on “Fundamentals of Regulation for Land-Based Casinos.”

Brazil has joined Japan as a major nation about to embrace gambling as it seeks additional tax revenue to help shore up its economy.

The classes included course work on the history of regulatory processes, casino organization and structure, financial reporting, licensing, suitability standards and the future of gaming regulation.

In total, a class of 25 students consisting of gaming industry officials, regulators, and executives from around the world participated in seminars, and went on private casino tours, where they received behind-the-scenes insight about VIP gaming lounges, nightclubs, and non-gaming attractions.

Games Magazine Brazil reports the five Brazilian students included economist/researcher Otavio Cunha, Brazilian Games Institute founders Max and Marcus Fontes, gaming consultant José Renato Ferreira, and sports lawyer Vantuil Gonçalves Jr., who is a board member of a football club.

Brazil is seeking to offset the financial problems associated with the 2016 Summer Olympics. Gambling is currently illegal in Brazil, including in nearly all states a popular lottery game called Jogo do Bicho, which is generally tolerated by the government. Paraíba is the only state where the game is legal and regulated by the state, but according to a federal law it is supposed to be prohibited.