Why casino games are catching up with sports betting

Why casino games are catching up with sports betting

March 09, 2018 7:52 PM


Gambling, while being around for generations, is going through somewhat of a renaissance. Where the average gambler throughout the years has been generally restricted to betting on sports at the bookies or casino games at their local nightspot, the internet has ushered in a new era for betting, with ease of access and sheer variety of games being key to this exponential growth. But where does the betting industry go from here when it looks to increase its already large user base? And in what new innovative ways will the industry attempt to keep the ball rolling for future customers?


Tapping in to a new market

When it comes to pulling in new customers, the gambling industry has two options. Showing potential new clients all the classic casino games (such as poker, slots, and sports betting) that they have available, is option one. After all, if you enjoy playing casino slots, then you are obviously going to enjoy the slots online too, right? The second option, is to create new and intriguing games. This option is going to become an ever more important one if they are to increase their user base beyond those of us who naturally enjoy the more classic gambling that has been around for generations.


New twists

You may have noticed a term being bandied about recently called ‘gamification’. This refers to the addition of competitive edges in applications that were previously devoid of the facet. And example of this would be fitness trackers that allow you to ‘compete’ with your friends to see who manages to walk the furthest each week. The merging of the social, fun, and health aspects make the fitness band all the more appealing, and using this as a template, it is easy to see how this approach could bring in more and more new customers to the betting world.

Rather than needing to ‘gamify’ an app, ‘bet-ifying’ (for lack of a better term) existing games will be a surefire way of gaining new customers who aren’t drawn in by the classic games. Women (generally) have always been drawn to lower stakes betting, and could easily become the new target audience for gambling companies looking to increase their user base further than the obvious crowd who bet on sports, or play online poker anyway. The success of games such as Candy Crush or Bubble Witch Saga, which are played by millions of players (a vast amount of whom are of legal betting age) could easily be modified to allow competition that resulted in prize money being won. You may not be a fan of poker, but if you are a fan of colour matching games, then surely the chance of winning some money from it won’t put you off?


The gambling gap is closing

If low stake betting continues to increase at the the current rates, we will be seeing more and more of these sort of ‘hybrid’ games appearing over the coming years. At the moment, online casino games are catching up with online sports betting, and although sports still generate more money, online casinos are seeing that gap get smaller with each passing year. If this continues, we can expect to see more games aimed at women in particular, and one easy way of doing that would be to take an already loved game style, and add in a little ‘wagering’ to the mix. We are yet to see the Candy Crush equivalent in the online casino world, but you can be pretty sure that it is being developed as we speak.

The growth in online gambling has also been spurred on by the fact that Google have recently relaxed their rules on gambling within the Play Store, now allowing betting firms to supply their apps to anyone over the legal age, who resides in a country where it is currently legal to gamble. The Apple App Store has allowed this in a limited capacity since 2012, and with Google now jumping on the bandwagon, it has become even easier to place a bet on your team winning the league, or enjoy a spin of a Roulette wheel during your lunch break. As such, it is a very exciting time in the gambling world. No matter what your taste, there is bound to be a game that takes your fancy somewhere out there, whether you enjoy your ‘casino classics’, or prefer something a little more contemporary. So, if you think you have exhausted all the fun ways to gamble online, think again. There is always something new just around the corner.

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