How slots developed over the years

May 08, 2018 3:01 AM


The First Spark Was Made More Than 100 Years Ago

There are many gamble games, either you are a Roulette-Man or can’t wait for a poker game, there are people who want to see a classic slot game. It all started with an old slot machine that was designed to be played like a poker game. This first slot was born in 1891 and had five reels with poker card symbols. Like most inventions, it didn’t go well from the first shot.

The next try was made by a different lighted mind, a German living in California, named Charles Frey. Charles made the most icon fruit machine. It had 3 reels and classic symbols, like the horseshoe or the golden bell.

In the late sixties, the popularity of slot machine games was big enough to make important manufacturers get involved in the development of slot games. One of the fist manufacturers, was Bally. In the 1968, they made the first electrical reel slot. It had great success. With three reels and simple fruit symbols, it was the true classic slot machine.

In 1993, the same big company made the Big Top. This time, it was a slot with four reels. From that moment, these little armed bandits spread all over the world.

Slots in 21th century

Today, we are bombarded with countless slot games. If you want to stay civilized, better look for a leading online casino that puts your reels in the right order. For instance, you can look at Stargames Online Casino. This gamble house is online since 2002. Therefore, if we talk about how well-known was the internet at that time, it can be called a classic slots site. The casino offers many payment methods and has an active community.

In Brief

As has been noted, we came a long way and there is no reason to stop. Gamble industry stays strong, giving us entertaining through constant improvements and daily bonuses. 

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