Esports Obsessions Are Growing Fast

Esports Obsessions Are Growing Fast

June 12, 2018 3:01 AM


There are now more video games than ever before. There are thousands of new releases each year, and along with that come some fairly amazing console releases too. When the Nintendo Switch was released in early 2017, people waited in line for hours for this one console. More than fifteen million new consoles managed to sell in less than a year, and those statistics aren't slowing any time soon. While gamers were once looked down upon, now almost everyone sits down to play a round of Counter Strike or Overwatch. One thing you’ll likely hear is that playing video games is useless. You can’t do anything playing games, you can’t make money or win money betting on games, right?

Wrong! Esports is one of the hottest types of betting going on right now, both in Vegas and on websites like Betway. Even big media spaces like The Guardian have entire sections dedicated to esports. You’ll find people jumping online to watch professional gamers duke it out over seriously difficult maps, trying to best each other and win the game. Can your video game knowledge earn you money? Can you even become a professional gamer?


Becoming a Professional Gamer

Have you ever looked at a professional athlete and thought about the amount of time, and effort, he has had to put in to become one of the best? Only the best players get the opportunity to go professional and to earn money doing what they love, and the same is true when it comes to online gaming.

Let’s say that you love playing League of Legends and you think you’re really good at it. Great! But how good are you? Do you win almost every match you play? How dedicated are you to playing? While most kids only spend  a few hours a week per game, the best gamers spend over 10 hours a day gaming and practicing, doing their best to get better. They learn from winning and they learn from losing. They use their skills to enter tournaments, win, and then get sponsored. So, sadly, while the idea of becoming a professional gamer and getting paid to play all day long, every day, sounds enticing, only the top percentage of players are ever going to have that opportunity.


Betting on Gaming

While you may not be able to become a professional gamer, you can definitely use your gaming knowledge to bet on games! One of the great things about esports is that there is almost always a tournament or challenge going on. This means that, unlike traditional sports, you can bet almost every day year round. Not all websites have e-gaming, however, but Betway has always been at the forefront of esports betting. Betway has games going on every day, making it easy to use your knowledge to bet on the team that you think will win.


Utilizing Twitch

Let’s say that you play Overwatch all the time, and you understand how it works. You’ve decided that you want to bet on Overwatch games, and you’ve found one that will be happening in a few days, but how do you know which team to bet against? Enter Twitch! Twitch is the preeminent app to use to watch these gamers in action. A lot of them use Twitch to play together and to make money when they’re not in the middle of a tournament. If you spend some time watching Twitch, you’ll quickly learn how the teams work, what their strategies are and how good they are. Chances are high that if there’s going to be a game against two specific teams, you likely won’t find them playing each other close to game time. You may, however, be able to use the internet to help you find previous matches they’ve played against each other, which will give you a better understanding of how they match up.

Do your research then place your bets! There are all sorts of things to bet on, from who will win the game to who will dominate each map, and more. It’s important to realize that sports betting now isn’t just about betting on games like basketball and racing, you can now bet on esports just as easily as you can any other sport! If you win enough games you can then use that money to upgrade your own gaming system, and the better your system, the faster your game runs and the better you’ll be able to get while playing your own games!

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