Forget Week 1, Saints win it all!

Forget Week 1, Saints win it all!

September 12, 2018 3:00 AM


The NFL is entering Week 2 so I wanted to look at each division, give you my picks there and in the conferences, and say who I expect to be in this year’s Super Bowl.

AFC North: The Ravens could unseat the Steelers in the division. I do prefer coach Harbaugh over Tomlin even though the Steelers might be the better team. With Le’Veon not answering the Bell, so to speak, the Steelers take a major hit until he returns. The division is expected to be a little more interesting than it was in 2017.

AFC East: The Patriots win what they have owned for the last 15 years or so. With Sam Darnold the chosen one for the Jets, there will be a learning curve for the rookie QB. I still don’t see much from the Dolphins or the Bills, which could be the worst team in the league.

AFC South: This is the toughest of all the divisions in the AFC to predict. I don’t care for the Titans as QB Marcus Mariota has not shown the potential he had coming out of college. Indy QB Andrew Luck will have trouble after missing the last two seasons. I see this division coming down to the Jaguars and Texans. I’ll go with the Texans, but they must get better coaching if they are to make progress.

AFC West: Throw out the Broncos and the Raiders here, but not so far that if injuries hit any of these teams things could flip fast. For me, it’s all Chargers and Chiefs with the Chargers winning it due to experience at the quarterback position and the bookends on defense. QB Phillip Rivers over QB Pat Mahomes is an easy call for me to make.

AFC Prediction: Ravens over the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

The NFC is not as clear cut as the AFC due to it being the much better conference currently.

NFC North: This one goes to the Vikings because they have better skill players at more critical positions. The Packers have QB Aaron Rodgers, who might be the best in football, but they have holes in critical areas. The Bears have a solid defense that just got better with the addition of LB Khalil Mack. The Lions will cause trouble, but we know very little about new head coach Matt Patricia.

NFC East: The Eagles’ OL is the highest rated in the league and that’s where it all starts. Their running game is hard to stop and QB Carson Wentz and Nick Foles are a great combo. The defense is stifling, and their HC Pederson is one of the best.

The Giants’ OL should be better because they were injured all 2017 as were the WR’s. I see a decline from the Cowboys with the loss of Jason Whiten and some OL problems. The Redskins have added a top quality QB in Alex Smith who wins about 70 percent of his games. However, no one has the overall skill players the Eagles do.

NFC West: I can’t argue with everyone that says the Rams should take this division. The Niners are improved but too weak on defense. We still don’t know what Jimmy G will do at QB when he faces tough opponents. The Seahawks and Cardinals are in decline and will be rebuilding. This is the Rams’ division to lose in my opinion. They have a young and creative HC and are loaded on both sides on the ball.

NFC South: This is the best division in the NFC. The Saints and Falcons along with the Panthers will fight it out most of the year. In the end it will be Drew Brees vs. Matt Ryan for the division title. I think that battle goes to the Saints taking down this division and getting revenge over the Vikings in the NFC championship.

NFC Prediction: The Saints.

Super Bowl: I see the Saints and Ravens meeting with the Saints taking it all.