Three Free Picks from Denny the Dog

Three Free Picks from Denny the Dog

September 12, 2018 3:00 AM


Browns +9 at Saints: Cleveland’s offensive line is suspect after their performance against the Steelers. But if they can get Tyrod Taylor a little time to set his feet, I’m not sure the Browns should be anywhere near a double-digit dawg to any team. Saints off to their traditional slow start. BROWNS

Cards +12.5 at Rams: Cards had 213 total yards of offense versus the Skins. Can the Cardinals be as bad as they looked last Sunday? After viewing Sam Bradford’s performance you would have to answer that question with an emphatic Yes. Rams had to scare the rest of the league with their opening salvo. And, that’s with the key starters never taking a preseason snap! RAMS

Lions +5.5 at 49ers: Jets defenders calling out the Lions’ plays as Stafford is coming to the line? That’s not a good omen for Matthew Stafford or Jim Bob Cooter. 49ERS

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