Great marketing can make a venture successful

Oct 9, 2018 3:00 AM

Whether you are on the casino side or the vendor side, you need great marketing. Today, anyone can subscribe to creative software, and everyone has an HD video recorder in the palm of his or her hands. 

Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily me you should (or that you really want to). It’s easy to think you can DIY your way to success, but these tools will only get you part of the way into your journey to great marketing. 

It’s time to accept that you’ll need to pay for marketing, if not all then some. Without a limitless budget, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best work possible for your money. 

There is a simple formula that creates great advertising. It takes clear direction from the client and great creative from the agency. Getting there, however, requires a little more.

Know that your role as the client is to understand and communicate the business challenge. Too often clients fixate on fonts and colors without the expertise of a graphic designer. 

Without the design eye what may seem like a simple change in color or size could have a ripple effect on the creative. You get your revisions, and now something else doesn’t work, Suddenly, you’re caught in a spiraling vortex that results in an unrecognizable ad. Provide your agency with your business challenges. Let them give you great creative to solve those challenges. 

Realize the danger signs of getting caught in the spiral of revisions.  I’ve seen creative go through upwards of 20 changes. At that point, everyone has lost sight of the project and the business challenge. 

Everyone starts to think tinkering with the ad will make it better. It doesn’t, but if you trust your agency to share your ennui, they’ll get you something creative that feels right for your brand. In my experience, that is the magic trick.

Know when it’s time to gather more resources. Consumers and marketing channels are changing at a rapid pace, but unfortunately, not all agencies or in-house teams change as quickly. 

Sometimes you need to add to your creative organization. Smaller agencies (such as ours) can often possess specialties and nimbleness that immediately adds value to your marketing. Brands often elect this multi-agency model but managing such a model requires you to act like the head coach of a football team. You have to define who will be responsible for what, set expectations and provide feedback. Additionally, you may have to be the conduit to inter-agency communications. Whether the agencies are picking up excess work or bring a new point of view to your marketing, clear communications will lessen the fears agencies might have in this new world.

Don’t make your agency or your in-house services guess. I recently worked with a client who was unhappy with one of his agencies because of the work they were NOT doing. I asked him if he had actually told them he wanted them to do those things. His answer was negative. He wanted them just to know he would want them to take the extra steps. Agencies are not psychic. By the same token, your idea could lead to something great. We recently worked on developing the identity for a new public relations firm that was passionate about telling stories and engaging people with the stories of their clients. When we brainstormed some concepts, our client said he liked the idea of a “period.” We knew that wasn’t what we wanted, but it was something he felt told his story. That one small thought inspired the development of a logo that created a bigger story than a simple period ever could.

Be passionate. You must be passionate about the creative and messages you’re putting out to your audience. If you’re not, what makes you think your audience will be as passionate as you want them to be when they see or hear your message. Pushing for greatness is not the same as making uneducated changes or pushing just to show who’s boss. When you push respectfully, and agencies push themselves, you’re going to get some of the best work you’ll ever see...the awards and rewards will come.

Julia Carcamo is president and chief brand strategist at J Carcamo & Associates, specializing in brand and marketing strategy. Recognizing the impact the Hispanic market is having now and will have in the future, she has co-founded espÑOLA, a Hispanic marketing and engagement agency. Get more insights at and