At Gaming Today, we continue to evolve

At Gaming Today, we continue to evolve

October 09, 2018 3:00 AM


By now, you’ve noticed the recent changes that have been made to GamingToday. 

From the look to the content, we’re attempting to create a fresher product, one that is easier to navigate and read while still maintaining some of the traditional elements that make GT unique.

To that end, you’re picking up this special edition and you no doubt are seeing something different. As we continue to evolve as a publication, we are looking more modern.

For starters, you’ll notice our new logo. The words “Gaming Today” have now been separated where before they had been merged together. So when you pick up GT in the future, it will be “Gaming Today” instead of “GamingToday.” Yes, it’s a small tweak, but an important one.

You’ll also notice the logo is radically different. It has a clean look to it, yet is easily identifiable with the publication. Yes, it may take a bit of getting used to, but we think you’ll like it.

We recently changed the fonts to make the articles easier to read and we organized the paper into sections, complete with page headers. If you’re a baseball fan, you don’t have to go searching for stories. Our table of contents will guide you there. Same for football, both pro and college, as well as horse racing, motor sports, industry news and poker and slots.

You may have noticed we have juggled our writing lineup as well. For various reasons, some writers have a reduced role for when they appear in the publication than in the past. We will be announcing a major hire in the coming days, one of the Valley’s most distinguished writers.

We are also working to finalize plans for the unveiling our upgraded website, We were well aware of the shortcomings and the need to make the site more user-friendly and bring it up to 2018 standards. 

You have weighed in on the 3Girl feature and we recently announced that we are returning her to her rightful place in Gaming Today. She will be the “GT Girl” and she will appear monthly instead of weekly. We hope to have a contest online where you can select the “GT Girl of the Year” and she’ll attain fame and glory through your vote. Maybe we’ll send her to Tahiti. Then again, maybe she’ll have to settle for a trip to Lake Mead.

But in all seriousness, we are listening to you. We are here to serve you and we want to produce the best product possible. And as Gaming Today attempts to branch out across the country as states get on board with legalized sports wagering, we look forward to serving new readers and provide them with the same information and entertainment our Nevada readers have enjoyed for over 40 years.