The Buffet at the Wynn delivers the goods

The Buffet at the Wynn delivers the goods

October 10, 2018 3:00 AM


My business partner was in town this week and wanted to play some poker. The Wynn Classic was going on, so we decided to head over to play in the event on Tuesday. 

The plan was to be playing for a long time as these one-day events can last 10 to 12 hours. Well for me, my day didn’t last that long. In fact, it was quite short. I busted out of the tournament in the first hour. 

I can’t remember the last time I busted that fast in a tournament. I could have re-bought into the tournament for another $300 but that really wouldn’t have been a positive EV Play because of the type of tournament this was. This was a survivor tournament, which means there is no actual winner as they play down to roughly 10 percent of the field and all those remaining at that point cash for the same payout. 

The buy-in was $300 with $2,500 going to each of the final 10 percent of the field. So instead of having roughly 8-1 odds on your entry, a re-buy would of taken your odds down to 4-1. 

I decided on taking a walk to clear my head before jumping in a Cash Game. While on my walk, I passed by “The Buffet” at Wynn. It had been a couple years since I had been at “The Buffet” and by this time they were serving Brunch. 

I thought this would be a good time to give “The Buffet” a try since they revamped it a couple years ago. And for me, nothing makes me feel better than a good meal, so what better way to get over my early exit from the Tournament? 

Since, it was brunch, I started out with some breakfast items. They had a fresh pancake station where you picked your batter from three choices --Pumpkin, Chocolate and Buttermilk. Then you could add toppings for them to put in your pancakes like chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries and bananas. 

I went with chocolate chip pumpkin Pancakes. They were excellent. There was also a made-to-order Omelet station as well. Now it was time to move on to some non-breakfast items. As I went to the meats and cheese section where they had a nice array of salami and prosciutto along with several cheeses. This is always a nice beginning to a meal. Next I went to the carving station where they had a selection of smoked ham, roasted turkey, Italian sausage and my favorite, the Chile-marinated beef loin. This was a very flavorful cut of meat. 

I was getting full, so I had to slow down and take a breather, as I wanted to come back and check out the beautiful assortment of desserts. The dessert section had everything from fresh made to order crepes to cakes, cookies and pastries. They had several hand-dipped chocolate treats and they even had candy apples.. 

At $28.99 for the weekday brunch, I feel with the quality and selection at “The Buffet,” makes this a good midday meal. I can also say this meal put my mind back in the game as I went back and played in the Cash Game and won my Tournament Buy-In back, making it a good day. 

I give “The Buffet” a Rating of 3.75 Forks