Where Do Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Sports Betting? West Edition

Where Do Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Sports Betting? West Edition

October 16, 2018 3:47 PM


Thirty-six states will elect governors next month, and we at Sports Handle wondered if sports betting ranks among the key issues in any state elections — or as a topic of campaign trail conversation at all.

In most cases, sports betting is not a hot topic and likely won’t be a deciding factor in electing a governor (although there are single issue voters on very issue), but there are some states in which the legislature has been actively exploring sports betting and having a “friendly” governor will speed the process in those states.

Using the Mighty Mississippi as our divider, we present our findings in two parts. Part I on the East is available here.

Today’s Part II focuses on Where Gubernatorial Candidates in the West Stand on Sports Betting.
Alaska: Candidates have not addressed sports betting, nor has the state legislature put it on the docket.

Arizona: Sitting governor Doug Ducey said after the Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May that he’d be amenable to considering sports betting at Arizona’s 55 OTB parlors. The state has no commercial casinos, but it does have tribal casinos. Since that statement, sports betting has not emerged as a key issue.

Arkansas: Sitting governor Asa Hutchinson has gone on the record as being opposed to sports betting, but there will be a ballot measure on Nov. 6 that if passed would allow for sports betting.

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