Mayweather’s latest Money grab a sham

Mayweather’s latest Money grab a sham

November 07, 2018 3:00 AM


Floyd Mayweather Jr. lives in Las Vegas and does occasionally gamble. But when it comes to picking fights these days, there is no risk involved.

A year after hyping up the masses for a boxing match against non-boxer and UFC Champion Conor McGregor, Mayweather will fight for Japanese MMA organization RIZIN on New Year’s Eve against Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo, Japan.

As for the details, there aren’t any at the moment.

Seriously, that’s not a lie. Currently, there are no details on the type of fight, weight class, number of rounds – nothing. Why? Because it’s better to leave the details to the imagination of the public.

My guess is Mayweather will fight with MMA gloves in a MMA style cage in a boxing match. That’s it. In other words it is yet another con job by a fantastic businessman. No kicks, no elbows, no wrestling, which means zero chance for Nasukawa to pull the upset.

Nasukawa is a real kickboxer and MMA fighter. I keep seeing him spoken of as a phenom but he doesn’t have an impressive name on his hit list. Which means Nasukawa is a guy with a shiny record that Mayweather can hype up and sell, just like McGregor, but on a smaller scale. It’s sure to be much more of an event in Japan, as this is Japan’s top MMA company.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara started RIZIN and was the former president of PRIDE, a fantastic MMA product later bought out by the UFC. Sakakibara does bring credibility, but this is about selling another circus, an event, rather than an actual sporting competition. He will build the rest of the card around actual fighting.

So, unless you're a hardcore Mayweather fan and you just love to see him, do yourself and your wallet a favor, don’t bother lining Mayweather’s pockets with your money in the hopes that he will lose. It won’t happen. So stop paying for something you aren’t going to see. If you do buy it, do so for the rest of the fight card, but realize that the money goes the same place it always does – to The Money Team.