Will Las Vegas sportsbooks still be Super Bowl hot spot?

Jan 25, 2019 9:21 AM

The Super Bowl and the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament traditionally have been the most popular times to hang out in Las Vegas sportsbooks.

But with legalized sports betting spreading around the country, the question – perhaps concern – is whether that will continue.

Next week’s Super Bowl will be the first of these major events since sports betting was allowed outside Nevada. It won’t be the ultimate test for Vegas’ staying power. That won’t happen until even more states, especially California, jump into the legalized market.

But it could start to offer some clues into the future of Super Bowl and March Madness for Nevada sportsbooks.

“I still think we’re going to have such great visitation," said Jason McCormick, race and sports director at Red Rock. "We build these beautiful mega-resort sports books. We have a competitive advantage over the New Yorks and New Jerseys just from a West Coast vantage point of great weather, of great entertainment that’s here. People are still going to come to Nevada.”

Several Las Vegas bookmakers are even predicting another record Super Bowl handle in Nevada for the New England-Los Angeles Rams matchup on February 3, surpassing the $158.6 million wagered on last year's game.

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