Rampart boosts blackjack odds

Rampart boosts blackjack odds

February 27, 2019 3:00 AM


As part of an attempt to bring more recognition to “one of the biggest casino games — Blackjack,” Rampart Casino is offering 3:2 odds for guests who participate.

Sam Garritano, Director of Table Games at Rampart Casino said: “Blackjack is very simple to play and easy to learn, therefore wildly popular. It also has a fairly low minimum entry to play which makes it accessible to a wide audience.

“It’s so popular with our customers that we do weekly Blackjack Tournaments as well with a $25 buy-in.”

In addition, the casino will offer free Blackjack lessons for anyone who has never played the game or for those who feel the need to sharpen up before joining in the festivities.

Garritano added it helps when all customers are playing against the house and not each other.

“It’s a great social game because players are playing against the house, not each other,” he said. “In a perfect situation, everyone at the table can win at the same time and that makes for a great night.”

This is the second year that Rampart Casino has done something in honor of the historic casino game.

“Many of the casinos in the industry are starting to get away from offering the traditional 3:2 payout in favor of a lower payout to the player,” Garritano said. “We want to reinforce that at Rampart Casino, we support the idea that we want our customers to get the best bang for their blackjack buck and this includes giving the full, traditional payout for blackjacks.”

With the casino doing its part, Garritano believes it allows customers to solely focus their attention to the game at hand.

“The expectation of celebrating is to bring more excitement to the casino floor for our customers, educate players on our payouts — especially those new to Rampart and to encourage some of those that haven’t played the game before to take one of the free Blackjack lessons.

“In addition, we will sweeten the stakes by offering bonuses for suited Blackjacks on Saturday (March 2) because that’s how we roll.”

While visitors may come to Las Vegas and attend the various casinos on the Strip, Garritano and Rampart Casino are working to appeal to the Las Vegas local and any incoming guests.

“While we are in Summerlin and have great offerings for our locals, we also get a lot of visitors either staying with us or taking a short trip from the Strip to dine with us, enjoy the spa and pool along with other amenities,” Garritano said. “So it’s not uncommon for someone to hit our Race & Sports Book or come out to our events when visiting the city.”

Garritano credits visitors finding out about Rampart Casino via online and social media. With so many casinos in the city looking to feature things that boost client participation, Rampart Casino is taking advantage of a new restaurant at its location as well.

“Last year, we opened Clubhouse Deli — it’s right next to the Race & Sports Book and people can dine in or easily get a meal to go,” he said. “So many of our guests love the ease of popping in for a bite. “

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