With NFL Replay Challenges getting it right what counts

Sep 29, 2019 6:30 AM

Have you heard the argument, that goes something like this?

We should get rid of replay challenges. There are too many and the game goes too long. Plus, they don’t get them correct anyway. Let’s just go back to the way it was in the old days. the referees can make the calls on the field and let that be the final decision.

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As far as I’m concerned, that’s just crazy!

We must look at this from two different aspects. First, from the casual fan that just watches football and has no or little money on the outcome of the game. For this person, that may be true that the game is getting bogged down with too many flags, too many replays and the games are just going way too long because of this.

However, as a sports bettor, I must look at this from the aspect of making sure the correct call is made and I get the best result for my money.

If you were to make a living betting, you wouldn’t care how long the game dragged on, if the refs got the call right — whether it be on the field or in the booth. I don’t believe that one person should have the power to affect the financial outcome of thousands or millions of people.

Let’s look at last year’s NFC Championship game between the LA Rams and the New Orleans Saints. Do you have any idea how much damage, both short and long term, that non-call of defensive pass interference caused?

Nickell Robey-Coleman committed a blatant P.I. penalty that was never called. Even Robey-Coleman admitted such after seeing the replay.

First, the integrity of the league and their brand took a major hit with that non-call. So much so, that the NFL had to implement a pass interference challenge this year, something we have never seen in the 20 years that the NFL has had the current replay system.

Second, the call likely kept the Saints from reaching the Super Bowl and the financial outcome of that to the team, city and fans.

Third, think about how many people this affected with bets. There were likely millions if not billions of dollars that were affected by the outcome of that call. The Rams were a 1.5-point favorite and covered in overtime. Had that call been made, the Saints could have run the clock out and at worse kicked a field goal with almost no time left for the Rams.

Instead they settle for the field goal and the Rams had 1:41 left to drive for the game-tying field goal and we all know it went to OT and LA won.

Think about the millions, if not billions of dollars world wide that changed hands because of one referees non-call.

When things like happen and are not corrected, the first thought is who had a bet on that one? Who benefited? Was it fixed?

I’m in favor of integrity for my wagers and my investments. I cannot in good conscience invest in anything that is so subjective that my money is at more risk than is necessary. I would rather just buy real estate and hope there are no more credit default swaps none of us knew about in 2008.

Now that sports gambling is proliferating in the United States more and more people are placing bets, they as I do, deserve and equal and clean game to bet on.

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