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Wynn’s Buffet reinvents itself

It’s been a while since my last article as just like everyone else, I have been a homebody over the last several months.

Over the last few months we have heard words like “unprecedented” or “the new normal.” No question, these have been trying times. But as we always do, we adjust and move forward.

I thought it appropriate to make my first food article back from the pandemic shutdown be similar to my first-ever food article I wrote for Gaming Today, which was on the Bellagio Buffet. When you think food and Las Vegas, buffets have been such an important part of the food scene.

However, since these are unprecedented times, buffets are facing huge makeovers. I’m here to tell you about “The New Normal” when it comes to Las Vegas buffets.

The Wynn Buffet is the first to introduce the new style of Las Vegas buffets. The Wynn’s is still all-you-can-eat but you no longer help yourself. You have a waiter who will take all of your drink and food orders. You can pull the menu up on your smartphone and order to your heart’s content.

Once you order from your main server, he puts your order in along with your table number. Runners will keep appearing with your food. What a magical concept!

However, for me I have to admit part of the fun of buffets is walking thru and looking at all the food before making my decisions. That part I will miss as looking on a menu at pictures just isn’t the same. But let’s get to the food as that’s the whole reason we are here.

For this trip, I went for the weekday brunch which was priced at $36.99. Brunch is served until 3 p.m. I started with some breakfast items. The first was the Lobster Eggs Benedict with a side of Applewood bacon which was very good. Next, I wanted something sweet for breakfast, so I ordered the S’mores pancakes. I was very happy with my choice.

Following that, I did some soup and salad. One of the soup choices was Corn Chowder and that is one of my favorites. So I really didn’t have to think about that decision for long and I wasn’t disappointed. Before I moved on to my main meal, I did order two appetizer items as I had a shrimp cocktail and chicken pot stickers. Both were good and the shrimp were good sized, and the cocktail sauce was spot on.

For my main food choices, I decided to try the American Waygu beef sliders and the Dry Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken with a side dish of Grilled Broccolini. The chicken was good and, most importantly, it was moist. Nothing is worse than dry chicken, but this chicken was perfect.

At this point I was getting pretty full but needed to save a little room to satisfy my sweet tooth. I went with the Oreo Tart. What can I say? I’m still a kid at heart.

The food was good, and the service was pretty quick. But for me, the best part of a buffet was the hunt of walking up and down the line stalking my next food victim. Ordering from a menu just isn’t the same, but that’s just me.

The food quality was as good as it always was. But the new normal for buffets makes me miss the old ways. With that said, I give the Wynn Buffet 3.5 forks.