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Weekend’s 4 Winners

Weekend’s 4 Winners by Richard Saber

Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago Blackhawks (Friday) 

It's Game 4 of the Stanley Cup qualification round between these two teams  which has turned out to be a high-scoring series. Chicago has had no answer for superstar Connor McDavid. OILERS

Minnesota Twins at Pittsburgh Pirates (Thursday)

After two games in Minnesota both teams moved on to play another two-game series in Pittsburgh. This looks like a great spot for the Pirates in this, the last meeting between these two teams, and the price will be right. PIRATES 

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Weekend’s 4 Winners by Howard Barish

Pittsburgh Penguins  vs. Montreal Canadiens (Friday) 

We've gone to print before Game 3 on Wednesday so this is based on having no major injuries from that game. The Pens are playoff tough and Matt Murray is finding his Mojo. PENGUINS PUCK LINE 

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies (Friday)

The Thunder are a young, energetic team which will only get better. Memphis is under pressure to keep the final playoff spot. If OKC can hang with the Lakers Wednesday, they'll be even more confident. THUNDER

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