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Amelco, U.S. Integrity announce partnership

U.S. Integrity and Amelco are pleased to announce a breakthrough partnership that incorporates U.S. Integrity’s best-in-class integrity monitoring services into Amelco’s state-of-the-art sportsbook technology platform. Amelco now offers a frictionless bundle of services to operators seeking the ability to rapidly and effectively launch in new legalized jurisdictions. Amelco clients will now:

• Seamlessly receive integrity monitoring embedded within Amelco’s sportsbook solution services.

• Effortlessly meet state integrity mandates in any U.S. jurisdiction

• Have one less vendor to onboard and regulatory hurdle to manage.

The first of its kind partnership between a sportsbook technology company and an integrity monitoring firm provides clients a comprehensive, holistic turnkey solution.

Amelco becomes the first sportsbook tech platform to incorporate U.S. Integrity’s proprietary dashboard, which offers access to line movement, wagering abnormalities, real-time injury updates and a jurisdiction-specific SARS reporting functionality. Amelco becomes the first technology provider to provide clients the ability to securely interact with regulators and one another in states as diverse as Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana and Tennessee.

“Since our founding, U.S. Integrity has strived to provide sportsbook operators with turnkey solutions,” said Matthew Holt, founder and CEO of U.S. Integrity. “With Amelco, we found a technology company that wanted the same: Meaningful integrity protection that also streamlines the approval and communication process with regulators. Now, for the first time ever, if a book wants to report a SAR incident through a forum, what happens in that state, stays in that state.”

Amelco joins a growing list of U.S. Integrity partners, but the first at the sportsbook technology level.