The sports books have been getting great action on NBA

June 15, 2010 7:07 AM


The sports books have been getting great action on the NBA Finals, but it wasn’t until Sunday night that they really beat the public according to M Resort‘s Race and Sports Director Mike Colbert who said, "Game Five was the first night that the public bet the Lakers in the entire series."

It’ll be interesting to see where the public will stand for Game Six as the Celtics make a run for their 18th title with two cracks at it. Will Lamar Odom make an appearance? Will Paul Pierce stay hot? Will Pau Gasol get tough? And how effective can Andrew Bynum be with his aching knee?

Those are all questions that we’ll see unfold Tuesday and maybe Thursday as well.

I know Derrick Fisher fits the mold as a typical Phil Jackson type of point guard in his triangle offense, following in the footsteps of John Paxson, B.J. Armstrong, Ron Harper and Brian Shaw. In their role, they weren’t looked upon as a typical NBA playmaker, but Fisher looks like the weak link of the team. After watching the energy and emotions that Rajon Rondo and back-up Nate Robinson brings to the Celtics position, you can’t help but wonder how the Lakers might perform with a real point-guard.

I had the Celtics to win in six from the beginning, but I’m hoping the series goes seven just to keep this going for as long as possible. I never thought I’d say this, and haven’t for 25 years, but I love the NBA.