MLB betting notes

July 06, 2010 7:05 AM


Here are some notes that I forgot to include last week:

Rookie sensation Steven Strasburg an All-Star? No, way; I can think of at least 10 other pitchers who deserve the honor more. But believe me, Strasburg is for real.

At least 8 free agents in the NBA are proving to the world that capitalism in the USA is certainly working. Where else can employees pick and choose collectively who’ll play for whom? What happened to the owners running the league?

Ever since the on-field beef between Upton and Longoria, the Rays have stopped scoring. Clubhouse problems? There is a small window for the Wild Card spot, which could easily close out the Rays.

Here are some juicy matchups for next weekend:

Giants at Nationals: Pitching on both sides should rule this series, I think unders here will work to the bettor’s advantage.

Florida at Arizona: Thin air, the heat of Phoenix and long ball hitters make for a lively high scoring series. OVER

Cubs at Dodgers: Nobody is hitting on the Cubs side and runs are coming few and far between. Dodgers can score, especially at home. Lay the -1.5 runs.

Baltimore at Texas: Run production for the Orioles is at an all-time low and the Texas heat figures to bring out the big boppers for the Rangers. Lay the -1.5 runs here.

After two plus months, the "spill" in the Gulf remains and will surely go down in history as the most understated handle of the 21st century. How many have said or heard said, "be careful or you will spill your milk?"

I can foresee the light at the end of the tunnel here and it’s not very bright. Sometime within the next two months, they will finally cap the leak and begin getting even with the environmental lawsuits that will surely be so numerous that BP will be forced into bankruptcy and sell their equipment to another group, probably called English Petroleum, and the lawyers of both countries will be opening Swiss bank accounts at a most alarming rate until the money runs out, which shouldn’t be too far in the future.