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Nevada's leading slot route operator retools

Jul 2, 2014 3:17 PM

United Coin Machine Company changes name to Century Gaming Technologies Following its successful 2012 and 2013 introductions of several new transformational products for the Nevada route/gaming industry, United Coin Machine Company, the company known for its wildly successful signature product – Gamblers Bonus, continues its evolution with a new name: Century Gaming Technologies (Century). According to Steve Arntzen, president and CEO, the new name better reflects the services and products the company provides in the two states in which it operates, Nevada and Montana. 

“We have evolved to be a true provider of innovative and leading edge gaming technology, not just a slot route operator,” said Arntzen of Century which is now enjoying a centralization of key functions to bring management under one roof for operations in both states. Previously, the company operated as Century Gaming in Montana and United Coin Machine Company in Nevada. Combined, the company employs more than 250 people in two states. 

“This centralization not only streamlines operations to realize significant economies of scale for the company, it encourages implementation of best practices and policies that combine to make Century products smarter and far more advanced,” Arntzen said. “This has been more than two years in the making, and we are now extremely well positioned to thrive and weather the changes of our dynamic industry.”

One of the major technological upgrades recently implemented at Century was the installation of Game Tender which allows for continual monitoring, faster bonus awarding and even more accurate data – up to every 10 seconds – of the company’s gaming machines and systems at 440 locations in Southern Nevada, alone. According to Arntzen, “Remote access and monitoring is beneficial to our employees who can instantaneously and remotely check on machine performance via proprietary Game Tender software.” The benefit of this technology is even more significant for bar and tavern owners who can literally capture a continual stream of data via customized reports about each machine and player in their venue. “Not only are location owners benefiting from this new technology, but Century owns and is able to monitor and dispatch tech support in real time using smartphone applications which streamlines and enhances overall customer service and delivery. It’s a gold mine of marketing information to give owners greater insights into their business,” said Arntzen. 

Century’s newest product, i3 allows cash for play not only at Gamblers Bonus locations, but at any gaming establishment.  The hook: you don’t have to be a member of the coveted Gamblers Bonus program to reap the benefits. Named for its interactive, instant and inclusive features, i3 was recently installed at 54 Rebel gas stations and convenience stores in southern Nevada. According to Arntzen, the i3 system is ideal for busy convenience store employees and owners. “Our system provides valuable marketing information to management while delivering strong technology support to convenience store clerks who don’t have the ability to have direct one-on-one contact with key players.” The new system also has strong applications for smaller bars inside larger casino properties. “This offering is incredibly valuable to our gaming partners and allows us to broaden our stake in Nevada gaming since customers don’t have to vend with us to take advantage of the many gaming technology advances we offer. This is the case with Rebel and many others with whom we are now working.”

Another key factor, Century houses and manages all of these tech-savvy advances in-house, making even easier the ability to provide customized reports and marketing data to all its accounts. “We’ve worked hard internally to ensure we have the manpower and know-how to hit the ground running. We are back and better than ever,” stated Arntzen. 

Century’s core business remains vending machines at venues with restricted gaming licenses, but the company is doing so by fully embracing technology to evolve its products and better meet the changing preferences of players. Next up for Century is the addition of 11 new games to its PowerVision multi-game, multi-denominational machine launched in 2013. Considered one of the company’s key products, PowerVision features all new video poker games with video slots and groundbreaking keno titles with multipliers, bonus rounds and superior quality animated graphics – a leg up from tradition brick and mortar keno games. 

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