Gamblers Bonus Offers Rare Card-Less Slots Login

Apr 7, 2015 3:01 AM

We begin a new feature this month bringing readers current information on the many and varied slot clubs throughout Nevada (and some nationwide.)

It will be my goal to inform players on club benefits and perks, locations and linked clubs, how to earn/accrue points and the value of those points, review tier levels offered and how to achieve them and mention popular promotions.

Century Gaming Technologies’ Gamblers Bonus (GB) players club is among the largest in the state, catering to taverns, bars, supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Nevada. GB members can earn and redeem points at any GB location. Their unique “two-bucket” point system allows earned points to be redeemed at any GB location, while bonus points won via promotions are location-specific and can be redeemed at the location where they were won.

Also unique to GB is its patented “card-less” log-in system, requiring only a member number and a PIN for access. $1 coin-in = 1 point (for video poker and blackjack) and 1,000 points = $1 in cash. Video keno and slot players receive 2x points always. Minimum cash out amount is $5. Cash is king with GB and players can cash out or play earned cash immediately upon redeeming. A unique feature with GB is that converted points can be cashed out for real cash at any time, unlike the non-cashable free play credits some other clubs use.

GB offers four tier levels based on play and point earnings. Coin-in requirements for higher club levels is reviewed annually, allowing players an entire year to earn higher club level status. This also allows players to keep that status regardless of their coin in for the following calendar year. Players can move up in club level immediately upon achieving the higher level coin-in requirement during the year.

• Platinum Level = 750,000 earned points per calendar year.

• Gold Level = 250,000 earned points per calendar year.

• Silver Level = 50,000 earned points per points per calendar year.

• Bronze Level = Free membership.

Other benefits for achieving higher club levels include faster point earnings and specific promotions correlating to tier level.

“4 of a Kind Bingo” is GB’s most popular (and potentially very lucrative!) promotion. The promotion is built-in for all GB video poker players offering huge bonuses for hitting all 13 four of a kinds. The faster a player hits them all, the more they win. This bonus paid GB players well over $1.7 million last year.

Other GB automated promotions can recognize virtually any winning hand from a three of a kind all the way up to a royal flush and can award points, cashable credits or physical prizes either directly to the player or through a bonus game like Wheel Spin, Dog Race or Balloon Burst.

Their latest invention is branded Race Time Frenzy, a multiplayer race event that allows up to five players to compete head-to-head in a pig race for big prizes. Their promotional system is capable of automatically recognizing a keno or slot win and awarding a bonus game to those players for free points, cash or prizes as well.

GB can and does also offer virtual drawings, allowing players to earn entries through their play automatically.

Gamblers Bonus can do all the typical promos other clubs offer, including targeted free play offers, play/get promos, point multipliers, etc.

For more information about Gamblers Bonus, locations, tier levels and promotions, visit:

H. Scot Krause is a gaming industry analyst, researcher and journalist. He is a former entertainment director and 18-year resident of Las Vegas. Questions or comments for Scot may be addressed to [email protected].