GamingToday’s #Fantasy5 NFL Twitter Contest

June 01, 2015 12:32 PM



1. Anyone who follows @GamingTodayNews on Twitter is eligible to compete in the contest.

2. The contest will be conducted during weeks 1 through 16 of the 2015-2016 NFL Season.

3. Participants will select five NFL players for their team known as #Fantasy5. The selected players must include only one (1) Quarterback. The other four (4) players can be any combination of Running Back, Wide Receiver or Tight End.

4. Each time one of a Participant’s #Fantasy5 players scores a touchdown, the Participant receives a point. At the end of the contest the Participant with the most points in any given week wins.

5. Participants are free to choose different players for their #Fantasy5 team any week during the contest. If you want the same team from the previous week, you must still submit your team each week.

6. Participants are only allowed one #Fantasy5 team each week. If a Participant selects more than one team in a week, all entries for that Participant will be voided that week.

7. The contest will begin Tuesday, Sept. 8, and continue each week for 16 weeks. Players can be chosen from any team playing during a given week, beginning with Thursday games and continuing through Monday night games.

8. Entries must be submitted each week before the scheduled game time of the earliest game played by Participant’s players.

9. All entries are submitted by tweet and MUST be tweeted EXACTLY this way:

Player1, Team; Player2, Team; Player3, Team; Player4, Team; Player 5, Team #Fantasy5 @GamingTodayNews

Example: Luck, IND; Foster, HOU; A. Johnson, IND; Welker, DEN; Gronkowski, NE #Fantasy5 @GamingTodayNews

10. Participants are not required to enter each week but it is recommended to improve chances of winning.

11. During the course of the contest, @GamingTodayNews will release the Top 5 #Fantasy5 scorers on Twitter each Tuesday. The leaderboard will be the top five scoring teams over the course of the season. An player can only win once. The object is to have the best week during the season. For example:

1.      @kalwrecks_ Week 7 = 11TDs

2.      @vegasberserker Week 2 = 10TDs

3.      @JulesK Week 10 = 9TDs

4.      @DJJesseJames Week 6 = 9TDs

5.      @johnashimself Week 9 = 8TDs

12. At the end of Week 15, the top two ranked Participants will have a head-to-head battle in Week 16, with the winner of that matchup taking first place in the contest.

13. Any tiebreakers for standings or the head-to-head battle will be decided by total touchdowns for Weeks 1 through 15. If there is still a tie a random drawing will take place to decide the winner or standings.

14. The winner of the contest will receive $500. 2nd Place wins $250. 3rd through 5th will win $100.