Station Casinos celebrating the announcement of NHL in Vegas

Station Casinos celebrating the announcement of NHL in Vegas

June 22, 2016 2:42 PM

Stanley CupThe Station Casinos’ sports book oddsmakers are celebrating today’s announcement of an NHL expansion franchise arriving in Las Vegas for the 2017-2018 season.  Today, Station Casinos’ oddsmakers opened up pro hockey proposition wagering on the new Las Vegas Team to include:

The over/under of 72 ½ total points scored by the Las Vegas team during the 2017/2018 regular season. Odds: -110 for both Over and Under (based on an 82-game regular season)

Las Vegas NHL’s first home game with Opponent TBD. Odds: -170 for visiting team and +150 for home team

Odds available on how  the Las Vegas’ NHL team’s first goal will be scored in the 2017/18 regular season opening game.

1/2 odds for a full strength goal

2/1 odds for a power play goal

10/1 odds for a short-handed goal

25/1 odds for a penalty shot in regulation

4/1 odds that no goal will be scored in regulation

These are opening lines only. Prices/odds will change and are subject to change. 

Some Words from the AGA

An NHL team in Las Vegas is a win for Nevada, a win for casino gaming and a win for fans. As a passionate Washington Capitals fan and someone who makes many business trips to Las Vegas every winter, I’m excited to catch a few road games when the Caps visit Nevada in the coming years.

The ramifications of this move are many. First, the placement of the first major professional sports franchise in Las Vegas reflects a rapidly evolving view of gaming as an important, mainstream segment of the broader economy that supports 1.7 million jobs and serves as a community partner in 40 states. It’s an industry that garners a 90 percent approval rating from American voters, something politicians can only dream of.
When you look at all the markets where professional sports and casinos co-exist – and where they actually work together as partners in their communities – any concerns are wildly overblown and not based on fact.

But most significantly, by breaking the Las Vegas dam, the NHL is also pouring cold water on the argument that regulated sports betting harms the integrity of sports – and boosting efforts to legalize sports betting across the country. The League’s decision is just the latest signal that professional sports leagues are increasingly comfortable with legal, regulated sports betting and recognize the integrity benefits it brings.

Over the last several months, every major sports league commissioner has expressed a significant shift in their views of sports betting. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been the most outspoken on this issue, saying, “if all that betting is going on anyway, I think it should be legal; I think it should be regulated; it should be transparent to the league.”