New perks planned for premium players

Sep 2, 2003 8:54 AM

High-stakes gamblers have always had their RFB ”” free rooms, food and beverage ”” which is plied by casinos in exchange for gamblers’ play.

It won’t be long before high rollers will have PGL ”” Pleasures of the Good Life, a new program of sports and entertainment experiences designed for the premium casino player.

Administering the program is Elite Entertainment, a joint venture between Global Casino Marketing, which specializes in casino player development and marketing, and Adventure Studios, a turn-key designer of recreation and entertainment venues.

"I’ve worked with premium players for more than 20 years, providing them with elite entertainment packages," said Larry Steinberg, founder of Global Casino Marketing and co-CEO of Elite Entertainment. "It’s exciting for me to be able to expand and enhance these service offerings to include the unique resources offered by Elite Entertainment."

Steinberg said entertainment offerings for premium casino players will include free concerts, sports events, banquets, boxing matches, fashion shows and more.

Initially, Elite Entertainment plans to gear its "private label programs" to the Sports Center complex at the corner of Sunset Road and Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Sports Center is operated by Adventure Studios.

Donald Bredberg, CEO of Adventure Studios, said the Sports Center complex consists of a two-level, 90,000-square-foot pavilion and 3,000-seat arena.

The complex has in the past been used for vendor fairs, private concerts, tournaments, sporting events, conventions, pep rallies and product launches.

Bredberg said programs that could fall under the Elite Entertainment umbrella include sports fantasy camps, private concerts with celebrities, boxing matches, sports demonstrations, memorabilia and trading card shows, fashion shows, indoor beach volleyball competitions and off-site convention activities.

"We really have two clients here," Bredberg said. "The premium casino player and the casinos.

"For the premium casino players, we can offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences," Bredberg explained. "For the casinos, we are very interested in bringing our show and attractions team to their private-label programs."

Bredberg added that Global Casino Marketing’s database of more than 10,000 premium players from around the world should be of interest to virtually any casino seeking high-end players.

"We can bring an influx of new, high-end casino players to their properties," Bredberg said.

Adventure Studios is no newcomer to the gaming industry, Bredberg said. It recently helped produce a master plan for a tribal casino in California, and has advised the Fashion Show mall on its show programs that will debut later this year.