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Washington, DC residents who want to rack up rewards points at the MGM Grand have a treat in store for them. The Washington Nationals signed a deal with BetMGM to host the sportsbook at Nationals Park. Any bettors who want to place a sports wager now have a mobile option at their fingertips. Below, we offer our BetMGM bonus code and everything DC residents need to know about BetMGM DC.

BetMGM Washington DC Bonus Code January 2023

BetMGM offers a $1,000 risk-free bet, which Washington, DC bettors can redeem with our exclusive BetMGM DC Bonus Code: TODAY or by clicking here to claim $1,000 Risk-Free.

Terms and ConditionsRedeemable on first wager. Bettors get site credits if they lose. Bettors don’t get the bonus credits if they win.
States Where BetMGM Is AvailableCO, IA, IN, MI, NJ, NV, PN, TN, VA, WV, WY, AZ
Promo Code Verified ForJanuary 2023
BetMGM’s Local PartnerWashington Nationals

BetMGM’s risk-free bet refunds bettors’ stakes on their first bets. Bettors only redeem the risk-free bet if they lose their first wager. If they win, they get to enjoy the real money won from a great first bet. But if they lose, BetMGM will credit bettors’ accounts with site credits equal to the amount bettors wagered on their first bets up to $1,000. BetMGM also offers smaller ongoing promotions on popular major leagues and events. Bettors can also earn MGM Grand reward points as they place BetMGM wagers.

Finally, given their partnership with the Washington Nationals, DC bettors should keep an eye out for Nationals promotions during the NFL season.

BetMGM Washington, DC App Review

BetMGM offers one of the most polished apps that bettors are likely to find in the sports betting industry. It’s also one of the easiest to find. Bettors can download the iOS BetMGM app from the App Store and, in most states, the Google Play Store. The BetMGM Android app is not available on the Google Play Store in Michigan or Virginia. Bettors there will have to download it from the BetMGM website.

The BetMGM app is a reliable piece of software. It works well, ensuring bettors’ wagers, deposits, and withdrawals are processed properly. It’s stable and sufficiently debugged, so bettors won’t have to worry about a glitchy app if they choose to bet with BetMGM. On top of that, the BetMGM app is easy to use. It offers convenient navigation options that will let bettors hop between different sports, leagues, and bet types with ease.

BetMGM also offers an easy parlay bet creation option that lets bettors make their own parlay bets easily. It’s a fun feature for risk-seeking bettors who think they can make multiple correct wagers in a row. On the desktop website, bettors will find the easy parlay option on the right side of the screen. On the app, bettors will find the easy parlay button in a scroll bar on the home page above the game lines but below the featured promotions.

How To Place A Bet With BetMGM Washington, DC

There are a few important caveats to betting at BetMGM in Washington, DC Bettors can only place a wager within two blocks of Nationals Park. Most sportsbooks sign deals with casinos that allow them into the state. But Washington, DC is different. Nationals Park holds the key to the DC market, and that’s why BetMGM secured a partnership with the stadium.

The steps to placing a wager are straightforward:

  • First, bettors have to find the BetMGM app, whether it’s on the App Store, Google Play Store, or the BetMGM website.
  • Then, bettors register for BetMGM accounts. During registration, bettors will have a place to enter our BetMGM promo code.
  • Once their accounts are created, BetMGM users can claim BetMGM’s welcome bonus by placing their first wagers on a qualifying bet.
  • Bettors select the odds they want to wager on, place money on their bet slips, and approve their first wagers.
  • Bettors can withdraw winnings by selecting the ‘withdrawal’ option in their accounts’  cashier sections.

BetMGM Washington, DC Sportsbook Location

BetMGM offers retail services at Nationals Park in addition to its sportsbook app. BetMGM offers betting windows and self-serve kiosks. So, bettors have retail sports betting options and the sportsbook app while they’re in Nationals Park. The retail location is outside of Center Field Gate, so bettors can only get into the BetMGM retail space from outside Nationals Park. But since the app can be used from inside and within a two-block radius of the stadium, bettors have a lot of flexibility at Nationals Park.

For tourists, Nationals Park is only a mile and a half from the Capitol. So, bettors can hit the National Mall in the morning and a Nationals game that afternoon, or vice-versa depending on the schedule. There’s a lot going for the Nationals Park location.

Three Reasons You’ll Like BetMGM Sportsbook Washington, DC

Washington, DC bettors enjoy BetMGM for three key reasons: its betting lines, ease of use, and promotional offers.

BetMGM Betting Lines

BetMGM doesn’t specialize on one side of the line or the other. When bettors browse BetMGM’s game lines, they’ll find balanced odds within the industry. DraftKings may beat out BetMGM on favorites and FanDuel may edge out BetMGM’s odds on underdogs. But BetMGM offers competitive odds that are consistently strong regardless of which side of the line bettors prefer. BetMGM also offers its easy parlay feature, which allows risk-seekers to quickly put parlays together. BetMGM’s competitiveness and flexibility offer odds-hunters a strong sportsbook option in the DC area.

BetMGM Ease Of Use

BetMGM is one of the sleekest, easiest sportsbook apps for new and veteran bettors alike. BetMGM has a convenient A-Z sports list at the bottom of its screen. It also has convenient categories for bettors to narrow their searches. Finally, it offers live and featured lines to bring bettors into the games quickly and efficiently.

But one of the app’s hidden gems is the simulcasting available for major league games. For example, bettors can click on a live basketball line and view a simulated court that shows bettors what’s happening on the court in real-time. It’s great for keeping up with the game through the sportsbook if bettors don’t have access to footage of the game itself.

BetMGM Promotional Offers

BetMGM has a strong welcome bonus for bettors. Risk-free bets are some of the easiest welcome bonuses for new bettors to take full advantage of. However, they’re also easy to miss if bettors rush into their first wagers without reading the welcome bonus terms and conditions. BetMGM also offers ongoing promotions. They’re usually $10-$20 risk-free bets bettors can win in exchange for wagers on popular events. Finally, bettors can add to their MGM Grand rewards accounts to save up for points to use in Vegas.

Alternatives To BetMGM Washington, DC

If bettors don’t want to wager at BetMGM, then there’s only one other sportsbook in DC that they can go to. Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill is live in Washington, DC at Capital One Arena. Like BetMGM at Nationals Park, bettors can only use the app if they’re within two blocks of the Capital One Arena. However, bettors can’t use Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill inside a federal building.

Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill’s welcome bonus is a $1,001 first bet match. Caesars Sportsbook offers Caesars Rewards, a rewards program as BetMGM does. If bettors want to wager on games at the Capital One Arena, Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill will be their only option. BetMGM and Caesars Sportsbook are confined to tight areas around their respective arenas. So, the best sportsbook for bettors will depend on which games they attend.

Washington, DC Sports Betting

Sports betting in Washington, DC is an exciting development for many bettors in the nation’s capital. But sports betting in DC will likely expand slower than in other states. While other states can embrace sports betting once they legalize it, Washington, DC has to send its bills to the mayor, then to Congress. That extra step is one reason the push for DC statehood is so strong among some activists. Because the federal government hasn’t legalized sports betting, Washington, DC probably won’t be a sports-betting Mecca.

However, BetMGM is in a strong market position in Washington, DC It has a multi-year deal with Nationals Park and only has one competitor. Since both of them are relegated to separate two-block areas, they should be able to operate without stepping on each other’s toes too much. That may change if the federal government suddenly decides to embrace sports betting. But with the slow introduction of other competitors, BetMGM could establish a strong foothold in DC alongside Caesars.

Betting With BetMGM DC Sportsbook – FAQs

Is BetMGM Legal In Washington, DC?

Yes. BetMGM is available and licensed by the DC lottery, and it has a market access deal with Nationals Park. Bettors can access the BetMGM DC app from and around Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

Can I Place A Bet At BetMGM Outside Of Washington, DC?

Bettors can place wagers on the BetMGM app if BetMGM is legal in their states. However, bettors have to be inside BetMGM’s geofence in whichever state they live in to place a bet at BetMGM.

In Washington, DC, bettors have to be within two blocks of Nationals Park for a bet to go through. But bettors in other states just have to be within state lines for bets to work.

Does BetMGM Have A Retail Sportsbook In Washington, DC?

Yes. It has a retail location in Nationals Park outside of Center Field Gate. Bettors can access BetMGM’s retail sportsbook from outside Nationals Park. Once inside, bettors can find betting windows and self-serve kiosks to place bets in person.

Is There A BetMGM Casino App In Washington, DC?

No. Washington, DC has not legalized online casinos. It only legalized sports betting in 2019. Even its sportsbooks are under tight controls. Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill and BetMGM are currently only allowed to operate in two-block areas and are forbidden from federal buildings. Throwing an online casino in there would be a stretch.

Is BetMGM Limited To Washington, DC Residents?

No. BetMGM is available in other states like New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Bettors in over half of the available sports betting market have access to BetMGM.

Where Can I Download The BetMGM App In Washington, DC?

Bettors can download BetMGM’s iOS app from the App Store. Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store or from BetMGM’s website. 

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