NCAA Football betting tips Penn State vs. Washington

Dec 30, 2017 7:18 AM

NBA Basketball

WIN     513 Philadelphia 76ers +7.5: The sixers catch Denver off revenge game vs. the Twolves, tis a take.

NCAA Basketball

PUSH     525 Wichita State -10: U Conn just does not match up vs this type of team, look for the blow out.

LOSS  552 TCU -2.5: TCU a very physical team and can pop the 3’s at home.

NCAA Football

TaxSlayer Bowl

LOSS  257 Louisville -6.5: The Cards came on strong at the end and won a QB advantage here.

Liberty Bowl

WIN     259 Iowa State +3.5: Iowa State off a great season and will carry the momentum here while Memphis lost their conference title game in OT.

Fiesta Bowl

WIN     262 Penn State -2.5: What can we say about the PAC 12, they stink! While the Big Ten is on a roll.

Orange Bowl

WIN     263 Wisconsin -6: Just another Big Ten win here vs. an overrated Miami team who will find it hard to get in the end zone.

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2017-18 NCAA BK (0-1-1) FINAL Record: 32-35-2
2017-18 NBA (1-0-0) Overall Recod: 77-66-3
2017-18 NHL (0-0-0) Overall Record: 11-19-0
2017-18 NCAA FB (3-1-0) Overall Record: 100-67-2
2017-18 NFL (0-0-0) Overall Record: 59-68-7
2017 WNBA (0-0-0)  Overall Record 1-0-0
2017 CFL (0-0-0) Overall Record: 0-1-0
2017 MLB (0-0-0) Overall Record: 440-394-6