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The Betway app has been live in Colorado since April 2021, so, bettors have had time to navigate it and Betway has been able to measure itself against a competitive sports betting market. Its app is in rough shape and needs some improvement to compete effectively in competitive markets like Colorado. Betway offers a small welcome bonus that bettors can unlock with a promo code via our promo link. The bonus might not be great, but Betway makes up for it with competitive odds. Here’s how Betway compares to Colorado’s other major sportsbook brands.     

Betway Colorado Promo Code Score (3.0/5.0)

Betway Colorado Promo CodeClaim Promo With Our Exclusive Link
Type of BonusBet bonus of up to $250
Terms and Conditions$10 minimum deposit required. Lost bet refunded as a single bet bonus of equal value. Odds must be -300 or longer.
States Available InColorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Promo Code VerifiedMay 2024

Betway offers new bettors a $250 bonus bet as a welcome. You can use your Betway Sportsbook promo code to redeem it. However, it comes with important strings attached. This bet can only be used on a bettor’s first wager, so, bettors must plan their first bets carefully to ensure they get the desired value out of this bonus. 

You might hear the term “risk-free” with some bet offers but, make no mistake, betting always involves risk. You must wager your own money to use this bonus. If you win, then you come out ahead with your winnings. But if you lose, then you will get your stakes back in site credits, up to $250. However, site credits aren’t cash equivalents. Site credits can only be used for sports betting, so site credits aren’t going to pay for a successful bettor’s rent. 

Betway has one of the smallest welcome bonuses on the market. FanDuel offers a $1,000 bonus bet. Elite Sportsbook offers a $500 bonus bet. Finally, Caesars Sportsbook offers a $5,000 bonus bet, which is further dwarfed by Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s $7,500 bet bonus. 

There are only a few ongoing promotions at Betway. Bettors can get a $5 bonus bet on NHL games for betting $10 live during an NHL match. However, the other Betway Sportsbook promotions are seasonal and in smaller numbers than its competitors. 

Betway Colorado Online Features Score (3.5/5.0)

Betway has some good features for Colorado bettors. Betway Sportsbook’s betting markets offer the variety that makes a sportsbook competitive, so, you will find betting markets in major leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. There are other sports, too, such as soccer, golf, and MMA. If you follow a sport with a major fan base, then you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in Betway’s betting markets. 

You can also create parlays, round robins, and teasers on your bet slips. Once you select the lines you’d like to bet on, you can decide what type of wager you’d like to make it. Straight bets are the default option. However, the other three bet types are available at the top of the bet slip. This is an interesting feature that integrates common parlay builders with the bet slip. 

However, that’s the end of Betway’s innovative features. Its promotions are in a side-scrolling bar above the betting lines on the home page. There’s no separate navigational tab to anchor bettors and intuitively lead them through different parts of the app. Eliminating menus doesn’t simplify navigation, instead, it makes navigating through the app guesswork. 

Betway makes live betting lines easy to find, which is critical to a sportsbook’s success. Betway’s home page opens to live betting lines, so bettors who want to find lines to bet on and settle quickly can easily do so on. For all the navigational issues Betway’s app has, it does a good job of catering to bettors who want to place live in-game bets.   

Quality Of The Lines At Betway Colorado Score (4.5/5.0)

Betway has great odds that stand up to some of the most competitive sportsbooks in the industry. Its game odds are often within just a few points of major sportsbooks like DraftKings and BetMGM. For example, these three sportsbooks have similar moneyline odds on this 2021 college football line:  

Southern Mississippi +525+525+500
Louisiana Tech-760-760-700

Betway has the same underdog odds as DraftKings on this line and makes the same tradeoff on Louisiana Tech’s odds. Betway’s market standard vig makes it competitive in the industry. The vig is the house advantage that sportsbooks build into each of their lines. Sportsbooks calculate true odds, then tweak them so that the odds are profitable for books in the long run. So, instead of offering +150 and -150 odds, a sportsbook might offer -135 and +160 odds. Probability and statistics work out for sportsbooks over time, so they’re usually profitable.

Here’s what the vig looks like on the college football lines above:  

Southern Mississippi +525+525+500
Louisiana Tech-760-760-700

The vig is usually between about 3-5%, so, these three books are within a reasonable range. They offer good enough odds to be profitable and attract bettors.

As for futures, Betway doesn’t stand out until the mid-range futures. Here’s how Betway’s NBA Championship futures stack up against DraftKings and BetMGM:  

Brooklyn Nets+240+240+260
LA Lakers+525+550+650
Golden State Warriors+700+700+700
Milwaukee Bucks+900+900+700

Betway isn’t anything special until its futures odds approach +900. Then it reaches the top of the market alongside DraftKings. For all its flaws, Betway has the fundamentals to be a great sportsbook. Now it needs the polish.

Betway Colorado App Score (3.5/5.0)

Betway’s mobile betting app has navigational issues that don’t plague other sportsbooks. It has done away with many of the navigational tabs that make it easy to get around other sportsbooks. For example, the sports categories are a horizontal list of icons that can’t be digested quickly, so, it’s an obstacle to helping you find the lines you’re looking for quickly. But it also makes it harder to discover new sports and leagues to bet on. Here’s how Betway performs on each platform. 

Betway iOS App 

You can download the Betway iOS app from the app store. However, there’s a different Betway app for each state that it’s launched in. So, you must ensure you download the correct one. It’s stable but awkward, and it shows in the low App Store rating.    

Betway Android App 

Bettors in Iowa and Pennsylvania can download the Betway Android app from the Google Play Store. Bettors in the other three states must download it from Betway’s website by visiting the site on an Android device and following the download prompts. If the Android app is like the iOS app, then it has critical issues to overcome. 

Betway Sportsbook Site

Betway’s sportsbook site fixes the issues with the app. Betway mobile betting forces you through navigational challenges, but the extra room on a computer presents all the sportsbook information on-screen clearly. If Betway’s app looks like its desktop site, it’d be more competitive in Colorado. 

How To Download The Betway Colorado App Score (3.5/5.0)

Finding, downloading, and registering for the Betway app is easy. Apple users have it particularly easy. You just have to go to the App Store and find your state’s Betway app. However, it’ll have to consolidate its apps into one master app like other brands have done if it wants to maximize competitiveness. Android users have it a little harder. In Colorado, New Jersey, and Indiana, Android users must download the app from Betway’s site. Pennsylvania and Iowa users can download it from the Google Play Store.

Once you’ve found the app, you can register their accounts. The first blank that you can fill in is a Betway promo code, with Betway making it easy for bettors to use promo codes. After entering their email addresses, bettors will move on to the second step. This is where they’ll set a security question and enter their personal details, including the last four digits of their social security numbers and addresses. However, Betway can’t always match a social security number to an address. If that’s the case, then you must email Betway support a government-issued ID or utility bill.    

Our signup attempt was unsuccessful, which is an issue that wasn’t present at major brands like DraftKings, FanDuel, or BetMGM. 

Depositing and betting after this is straightforward. You hit the deposit option, then choose your desired deposit method and amount. Once your’ accounts are funded, you can click on a set of odds and build bet slips, then place bets. In-app navigational issues aside, making deposits and placing bets is simple. 

Availability Of The Betway Colorado App Score (3.5/5.0)

Betway is only available in five states. So, it’s behind major sportsbook brands, like DraftKings and FanDuel, that are live in over a dozen states. However, it’s ahead of local sportsbooks, such as the Sky Ute Sportsbook, which are limited to Colorado. Betway is at least expanding into new markets. 

Betway is in the country’s major sports betting markets. Betway Colorado is located in a market with over two dozen sportsbooks. That gives Betway a great opportunity to refine its product and get a snapshot of its performance against the market. Betway New Jersey and Betway Pennsylvania face stiff competition, too. These are two major sports betting and igaming states. If Betway wants to know what its chances of expanding successfully are, these are two good markets to carve a niche in. Indiana and Iowa are smaller sports betting states, but they’re important ones.

Betway Casino App 

In addition to its sportsbook app, Betway has an online casino that’s available in states with legal igaming. Colorado doesn’t have access to Betway’s online casino. Betway Pennsylvania and Betway New Jersey include online casinos in the sportsbook app, so, bettors in these states can switch back and forth between the sportsbook and online casino. Making the switch is easy. Bettors just select the casino tab at the top of the screen. If Betway included similar navigational tabs in the rest of its app, then it would be easier to get around, and the apps would rank higher.  

Betway’s online casino is better than its sportsbook, but still has room for improvement. Betway has a search option to find games bettors are looking for. But a filter option would be a more efficient way to view all the games in a bettor’s desired category. Betway has the bones of a great online casino app in place, but like its sportsbook, the online requires further refinement. 

Betway Colorado Review — Overall Score (3.5/5.0)

Betway has some great fundamentals in place. It has competitive odds that stand on its own alongside major Colorado sportsbooks. Betway even offers a convenient way to change bet types within its bet slip. 

However, it needs to improve the rest of its offering. It has a small welcome bonus, an awkward app, and below-average availability. Betway needs to refine its product and adopt the sportsbook features that make it easy to use before it can seriously compete in the market. While its odds are good, the betting experience on Betway isn’t.  

Betway Colorado App Review 

Deposit Methods

  • Visa and Mastercard – Personal cards are convenient deposit options for bettors whose card issuers allow derelict gambling deposits. 
  • VIP Preferred ACH Transfer – This is a great deposit method for bettors with multiple sportsbook accounts and who want quick online deposits. 
  • PayPal – PayPal is a good place to keep online sports betting funds separate from personal funds.  
  • Play+ Card – This is a preloaded card that many online sportsbooks use. 
  • PayNearMe – This allows you to make cash deposits with a QR code and cash deposits at participating convenience stores.

Withdrawal Methods

  • VIP Preferred ACH Transfer – This is the most direct way to transfer sportsbook winnings into a bettor’s bank account. 
  • PayPal – PayPal is a great online wallet for keeping track of sports betting spending. 
  • Play+ Card – This reloadable debit card is a good way to keep all sports betting money in one place. 

Betway Customer Support 

Betway has a help section that’s buried in the “Contact Us” section. It’s comprehensive but hidden. You can also email Betway’s customer support or call the customer service number. Finally, Betway offers live chat for bettors who want a written record of their support call. 

Betway Licensing 

  • Colorado – Betway is licensed in Colorado by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission. Betway secured Colorado market access through a partnership with the Famous Bonanza Casino.  
  • Indiana – The Indiana Gaming Commission licenses Indiana’s sportsbook. Betway got a license through its partnership with Belterra. 
  • Iowa – The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission oversees the horse racing and gaming industries. Betway’s market access to Iowa came from its partnership with the Wild Rose. 
  • New Jersey – New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement oversees the gaming industry and its licensing. Betway gained access to New Jersey’s market through its partnership with the Golden Nugget Hotel Casino and Marina.
  • Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is the state’s licensing authority. Betway’s market access to Pennsylvania came from its partnership with Live! Philadelphia Casino.

FAQs - Betway Colorado Mobile App Review

Is Betway legal In Colorado? 

Yes. Betway is licensed by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, so it’s allowed to operate a sportsbook in Colorado. It’s a safe sportsbook for bettors who want to add another sportsbook to their assortment of apps.

Where can Colorado bettors download the Betway app?

Bettors can download Betway’s iOS app from the App Store. Bettors must make sure they choose the Colorado Betway app and not one of the other state sites. However, Android users in Colorado must download the Android app from Betway’s website. It’s not available on the Google Play Store in Colorado.     

Does Betway have an online casino?

Yes, but Colorado bettors don’t have access to it. Colorado prohibits online casinos and internet gaming with the exception of mobile sports betting. Betway’s online casino is available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so, bettors who really want to use Betway’s online casino can travel to one of those markets.

How does Betway’s geolocation technology work?

Geolocation creates a fence around an area that keeps legal bets in and illegal bets out. It’s the reason bettors can place sports wagers in Colorado but not in Texas. It’s also a way for sportsbooks to offer bettors regional promotions.

Is the Betway app safe?

Yes. Before being licensed by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, Betway went through extensive audits. It included hardware and software audits that ensured everything worked and was secure for bettors. So, bettors should feel secure using Betway’s app.

Does Betway have an Android app?

Yes. Betway’s Colorado Android app must be downloaded from Betway’s website. Bettors can visit the website with an Android device and download the app from there. Only bettors in Iowa and Pennsylvania can download their states’ Betway app from the Google Play Store.

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