MMA brings UFC 105

Nov 12, 2009 9:32 PM


The former heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, will try to get back to his winning ways when he faces off against Brandon Vera.

Couture is the favorite at -130. Vera is the underdog at even money.


I do believe Couture will get back to trying to take opponents to the ground and pound on them from there. He has not been successful in his last two fights trying to stand. He especially needs to try since he is facing Vera, a man known for his powerful kicking and deadly kneeing while in the clinch. Couture's best bet is to take him down and keep him there. I will pick Couture to do this and win the fight.

Another notable is the return of Englishman, Michael Bisping. He was knocked out earlier this summer by Dan Henderson. He is again the underdog at even money against Denis Kang, a -130.

I'm going to go with Bisping again. This one should be a brawl, as both men love to throw the punches.

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