Can’t get enough of those 10-6’s for keno!

Feb 23, 2010 5:05 PM
by Keno Lil |

In the past we’ve learned some things about keno way tickets. We’ve learned not to overload them, by playing so much per way that a potential winner will be larger than the house limit.

We’ve learned that even way tickets with identical ways and prices may differ in their frequency of wins, and that the best ticket to play is that which pays off most often.

We’ve learned that in general, tickets with more rather than less numbers tend to be better to play. We’ve learned that king tickets, although they pay well when you hit them, do not pay out with as much frequency as tickets with more numbers on them. Just for review, here is our benchmark ten way six with odds for one against each catch:

Benchmark 10-way-6

3 3 3 3 3

6/6 784.1

5/6 37.8

4/6 5.1

3/6 1.9

I can tell you now that if you want to play a 10-way-6, this is the ticket that you should be playing under most circumstances. There is no better ten way six available to play. The next best 10-way-6 is marked using 19 numbers grouped 5-3-3-3-2-2-1. The odds on this ticket are as follows:


6/6 789.5

5/6 37.6

4/6 5.1

3/6 1.8

This ticket is very playable, because the gap on the solid six is only five games longer than on our benchmark, and this is partly compensated by the fact that the smaller catches are easier to hit than on our benchmark. So go ahead and play this ticket if you want a change, or especially if you want to play some 8-spots along with the sixes.

Another playable ticket is marked using 18 numbers grouped 4-4-4-2-2-2. The odds on this ticket are not quite as good, but again the frequency of wins on the smaller catches are better than our benchmark:


6/6 800.2

5/6 37.2

4/6 5.1

3/6 1.6

I have played this ticket many times over the years and have had a lot of success with it. Here again, if you like playing 8-spots along with your sixes, this is a good one.

Now here is a bummer. Unfortunately, this ticket is one that I used to play a lot, (and quite happily) until I really began to study the game. This ticket is a 10-way-6, marked using 12 numbers, grouped 3-3-2-2-1-1. There is something very attractive about the ticket; it has a certain degree of symmetry. It is "tight," wrapping it’s ten ways into only twelve numbers! In the days before computer keno, it was fairly easy to check by hand, even under the influence of a few Tuacas! One of the six ways is made by 3-3, another by 2-2-1-1, and eight more ways are made by combining 3-2-1. All this was the fun part of the ticket. Now, however, I have calculated the odds:


6/6 855.0

5/6 42.7

4/6 6.2

3/6 2.1

As you can easily see, by playing this ticket I have to endure an extra 70 games or so between solid sixes compared to our benchmark ticket. At $5 per game, this is an extra $350 I’ll need just for the pleasure of playing this ticket. Ah, if I’d only known!

Well that’s it for now, Good Luck, I’ll see you in line!

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