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Swedish casinos and game developers

Jan 22, 2020 3:00 AM

Swedish casinos and game developersSweden is a country full of avid gamblers. Sports betting, poker, and particularly casino, are very popular among Swedes. But Swedes are not only devoted gamblers. Swedish entrepreneurs established some of the most appreciated online gambling operators in Europe such as Unibet and Betsson. And some of the most well known and respected casino game developers like Net Entertainment and Thunderkick are Swedish companies.

Swedish residents are undoubtedly highly valued customers. That’s why online casinos and online gambling sites in general usually offer big bonuses to Swedish players. It’s not unusual to see an online casino bonus worth upwards of 8000 SEK, which is equivalent to roughly $930. Swedes are not only solid customers, but also solid operators. And even though Sweden is a relatively small country with less than ten million inhabitants, Sweden has made a major mark as online gambling operators during the last ten years. But due to the gambling regulations and other various reasons, a lot of Americans haven’t even heard of even the most famous Swedish casinos and Swedish casino game developers.


Swedish games are spreading around the world

PokerStars is probably the most recognized online gambling operator in the world started by American Internet entrepreneurs. Amaya Gaming, a leading Canadian online gambling company, purchased PokerStars in September 2014 and started to transform the business. PokerStars initially offered nothing but poker to their customers. Today they offer casino and sport betting. Interestingly enough, the Swedish game developer Net Entertainment struck a deal with PokerStars in May 2015 to provide casino games to PokerStars’ new casino platform. Today, a big chunk of Poker Stars’ customer base is eligible to play several of the most popular Swedish casino games.


Safety and security

One of the reasons behind the success of Swedish casinos is their high standard when it comes to safety and security. Customers on Swedish online casinos are frequently asked to send control data to prove their identity. These control data may consist of copies of an ID document (drivers license, passport or other identity documents) along with an electric bill or similar to substantiate their address. It is recommended to prepare for this ID check if you are going to sign up on a Swedish online casino.


Casino guides and rankings

There are a lot of different online casino portals where the sole purpose is to rank the best casinos from top to bottom. These casino guides are of course all of the Internet, but the Swedish based casino guides are particuarly interesting since they are usually heavily influenced by domestic casino operators. The popular swedish casino guide is a great source for the best Swedish online casinos.

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